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We are a professional web consulting and design company. We feature an integrated team of creative designers, programmers, and marketing professionals who have the experience to deliver exceptional online results.

Our "Design for Usability & Client Retention" philosophy is what separates our team from other typical web design companies. Flashy, graphic intensive web solutions may produce some initial interest, but a fast, efficient, and useable design will ensure clients do well on the Search Engines, which in turn will get them the results they need to see. From planning stages to launching your website we constantly evaluate each decision to make certain that it is user friendly, intuitive, and doesn't interfere with the overall user experience.

By combining our philosophy with a standards-based approach to development and technology we ensure that any solution we design will be a safe and cost effective investment in any short or long term marketing strategy.

Fast, useable, cost efficient solutions at competitive prices with real world results!

An accomplished Internet Consultant, Lynda Baxter has helped develop websites and marketing strategies for a great many artists and industries - and she can do this for your business too.

Lynda began her work in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing) in 1998, when she was a founding member in the start-up of a successful Calgary dot-com. There she served as Project Manager, in addition to conducting SEO marketing, researching, and writing website content. This was a time when SEO marketing was still a rare phenomenon.

With a strong background in the art world, Lynda felt her Internet marketing savvy could greatly benefit artists by helping them promote their work online. In those days, artists were hesitant to showcase their work on the internet for fear their ideas would be stolen. Always a forward thinker, Lynda developed in 1999 to help artists market themselves and their work outside of traditional Art Galleries.

For over two years, Lynda worked for professional artists with little or no compensation. She did this to prove that she was in the art industry to help them, and to ensure they had low overhead when it came to marketing their work. Lynda never accepted commission for their sales as a result of being on her site, and to this day has never taken any commission from the artists she works with.

Today, has become one of the top-ranking online art sites, with between 45,000 and 64,000 visitors per month -- a direct result of Lynda's SEO Marketing efforts. At the insistence of artists living outside of Canada that wished to join, she's also added an International Gallery -- just one example of Lynda's admirable desire the help marketing artists online.

While she still focuses her marketing efforts on the art industry, she also builds websites and does SEO Marketing for many other industries, including health, farm and ranch, retail, wedding planners, interior designers, authors, and just recently, real estate. Lynda carefully researches each industry before laying out website navigation, ensuring every client receives the best of the best from her research.

Most importantly, Lynda provides her clients with a website they can maintain themselves. Giving full instruction to each client on how to edit their pages and manage their own gallery, she makes herself available to them at all times, including weekends. Lynda has taught people of all ages how to manage their websites - even folks in their 70's, not well-versed on the internet.

Lynda Baxter maintains a satisfied clientele, and strives to give each individual or business the best possible service. As a result, she's grown an excellent clientele by way of referrals.

In the end you'll have a website that's easy to navigate, and will rank well on search engines - which ultimately translates into success for your business.


This Calgary art marketing company started in Calgary, Alberta, The Artist Web has been developed to design and more importantly, market art related websites. The Artists Web is focusing exclusively on the individual artists, and art galleries in Canada.

The Artists Web has created to give a unique opportunity for individual artists and art galleries across Canada to establish a presence on the internet in three different cost effective ways! has made it possible for your art to get noticed now!

THERE IS NO COMMISSION TO ARTINCANADA.COM FOR ARTWORK SOLD THROUGH THIS SITE! is able to offer you services such as hosting on our secure server should you want to have your artwork available to purchase online. We also offer you an aggressive marketing package for existing websites. Learn more about our fees and associated costs for services.

Learn what can do for you! For more information, contact The Artists Web.


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