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"Caught in The Artists Web"
Shirley, The Artist's Web

Do you know someone' maybe it's even you, whose artistic talents are not being used'and they need a little motivation??

I know many' but one special one is my mom Shirley (that's her in the picture). I watched her painting 'for fun' as I was growing up. She was always the happiest when she had a paintbrush in her hand!

At 71 years old, she hasn't painted for the last 20 years even when many friends and family members were telling her she should be painting. She had a great imagination when it came to excuses, and she found one for almost everything when confronted.

The Artist Web feels that it is never too late to use your God given talents! With much encouragement, we have challenged Shirley to go back to her easel.

She has promised to complete three paintings for us in the coming year, which will be showcased on this page. The paintings shown now are earlier ones. We are looking forward to seeing new works from Shirley as she completes them.

If you have any comments, or words of encouragement' Shirley would love to hear from you! Maybe you know someone now who could use some motivation, or maybe you have already been instrumental in getting an artist started again'.contact 'The Artists Web' and tell us your story! We will dedicate a page to share success stories for artists of all levels. We wish you all continued success with your artwork.

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