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Frank Hadfield - Artisan Scientific Works
Frank Hadfield


Frank Hadfield (b. 1966)

I grew up in the Interlake region of Manitoba on a small farm near the town of Inwood.

The limestone bedrock in the area ,deposited by an ancient ocean, contained numerous fossils of brachiopods, corals, clams etc.. I spent many hours searching for and learning the history of these animals. But what really held my fascination, as with many children, was the world of dinosaurs.

On a family vacation through Alberta we returned to MB through Drumheller, the dinosaur fossil capital of the world. It was then at age eleven I decided one day I would make this my home.

Since moving to Drumheller, I have been fortunate to have been able to work in the field of paleontology as a fossil preparator. A good preparator must be part scientist, part artist and part engineer. Having a lot of patience doesn't hurt either.

Many of the specimens I have worked on require a high degree of magnification to be able to bring out the details in the fossil. For many hours you are in another world , a world of complex patterns and amazing detail. Preserved for,in some cases, hundreds of millions of years. Unfortunately most people have no idea that this degree of detail can be preserved in the fossil record.

Our work shows the beauty and engineering of nature that occurred millions of years ago.

Louis Ouimet (b. 1964)

Louis Ouimet
Louis Ouimet

My name is Louis Ouimet. I was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta.

I got my first camera for Christmas at the age of 6. Since then I have taken many photos of a variety of subjects.

I thought of pursuing photography as a career after high school, but being the starving artist held little appeal. Taking a hobby that I love so much and making it a job made me worry that photography would lose some of the magic that goes in to creating an image. Raising a family and making a home put photography on the back burner, except for picture of the kids and the occasional trip.

For me the advent of digital photography really brought the excitement back into taking pictures. Being able to see your shot right after it has been taken, being able to take as many picture as you like with out added cost, really encouraged creativity and experimentation.

The world of macro photography was always very intriguing but problematic with film cameras. Not getting your photos back for a week really made it difficult for me to improve my setup.

With digital the results are instant so you can work on better techniques to improve your shots. Now the challenge of taking photos of these very small and very old subjects becomes a very rewarding experience. It opens up a whole new world to people and has tapped into my life long desire of professional photography.

Albertosaurus sp. (tooth)
Albertosaurus sp. (tooth)
Priscacara sp.
Troodon cf. formosus
Quartz Crystal

Robert S. Pohl (b. 1963)

Robert S. Pohl - Artisan Scientific Works
Robert S. Pohl

Rob was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. A self taught photographer and printer, Rob started out in photography, with a 35mm camera in 1979. For many years he shot color slides, but after some time felt a need to go beyond basic shooting and move on to the developing and printing of his images. He set up a small home darkroom in his basement, in the late 1980's.

In 1992 Rob moved up to medium format photography, in 1996 to a 4" x 5" view camera, and recently began to experiment with an 8" x 10" view camera. The view camera allows various film types to be used simultaneously, and allows for individual processing control over each sheet film negative. Rob really learned to appreciate this and continues to work with and experiment with all sorts of film and developer combinations.

Recently Rob has become involved in the Artisan Scientific Works project. This involves photographing fossil specimens and presenting the resulting images in combination with the actual fossil. Rob chooses to undertake this type of photography with traditional monochrome film based methods. Despite some of the limitations, he feels that the resulting print yields a feel and a depth that can not be matched with modern digital methods.

In addition to this project, Rob is the founder of the Monochrome Guild, and Edmonton-based group of traditional photographers. His photographic interests are generally focused on a number of themes. Some of his work focuses on the natural world, from grand landscapes down to small little natural details. Other images are of a somewhat historic and documentary nature, documenting the remains of manmade items including native sites, old buildings, abandoned equipment, vehicles and industrial sites. Three young daughters have also taught Rob to appreciate the value of the portrait.

Rob's work has been seen in several local shows in recent years. This includes participation in a group show at the Provincial Museum of Alberta, an individual show at Stony Plain's Oppertshauser Gallery, two Monochrome Guild exhibitions at McMullen Gallery, as well as several smaller shows. His prints are starting to become recognized and have been sold to private collectors throughout the world.

Knightia sp.
Quartz Crystal
Albertosaurus sp. (tooth)
Diplomystus dentalus cf.
Albertosaurus sp. (tooth)
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