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Barbara Maye

Barbara Maye
Barbara Maye

Barbara graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction and was awarded the Faculty's Gold Medal for highest academic standing in 2007. However, she has been exhibiting and selling her work since 1993. Her international exhibitions of note are SOHO, New York City, Denver, Colorado, and a private display of her portraiture in Gosheim, Germany. Barbara has received many awards and scholarships during and after her academic career, including placing as runner up in the St. Thomas/Elgin National Student Art Competition, of which she was awarded an exhibition in St. Thomas, Ontario along with Alberta Foundation for the Arts funding.

After teaching art at Mount Royal College and the North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre, and volunteering as Treasurer on the Board of the Alberta Printmakers', the artist recently relocated to Nakusp, BC to be with her muse - nature. She continues making, exhibiting and teaching art.

Barbara is a multi-media artist who enjoys switching her media based on her concepts. She regularly rotates through drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and portraiture of both people and pets. Within these realms, she is exploring the individual, whether it is human, animal, specific species of trees or stone. Continually searching for the interconnections between all things, her initial contact begins with research. Be it interacting with people or pets before drawing them, or in the case of trees and stone, delving into different cultural and spiritual beliefs relating to them from around the world both past and present, she is looking for underlying commonalities.

Born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1967, she moved to Calgary in 1988, yet lived in Iowa, Illinois and Colorado (where she began university) before returning to Calgary in 2003, to finish her degree and feel at home again. She has traveled across Canada and the United States, to Germany, France and Israel, as well as several places in Mexico making connections with many new people and species of trees along the way.

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Animal Portraits

Ginger - By Artist Barbara Maye
Benji - By Artist Barbara Maye
Bob - By Artist Barbara Maye


Anna - By Artist Barbara Maye
Dani - By Artist Barbara Maye
Eugene - By Artist Barbara Maye
Connie's girls - By Artist Barbara Maye
Mattias - By Artist Barbara Maye
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The Artwork of
Barbara Maye

Nakusp, BC

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