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Barbara Simpson

Canadian Artist Barbara Simpson
Artist Barbara Simpson

BIOGRAPHY - Artist Barbara Simpson

Barbara Simpson, the exciting "Originals Only" Canadian artist, resides in Brockville near the picturesque St. Lawrence River while continuing to pursue her passion to paint.

Born in Quebec and raised in Ontario, Barbara is self-taught, with her artistic ability surfacing at the early age of 10. Her formal education includes fine art studies through her junior years at Joe F. Saegert in Seguin,Texas, her high school years at North Park Secondary in Bramalea, Ontario and post secondary training at Mount Royal College and the U of C in Calgary, and more recently at St. Lawrence College in Brockville, Ontario.

In or out of school, Barbara considers each day a learning experience, "there is always something new to learn". Through her minimal years of instruction all of her mentors were inspirational and influential. Now, going into her 10th year as a professional artist, Barbara considers her journey to be a rewarding and enjoyable way of living her life.


Art Therapy: Spiritual Healing Through Artistic Expression
Written by Barbara Jeanne Simpson

Evolved from strong emotional moments in my life since I was a child, up to adulthood, and through the influence of my dreams, my passion to paint encourages me to explore deep within myself and create from these idyllic moments.

Since a few years before the turn of the new millennium I became more in tuned with my higher being, or spiritual self. Through the connection and inspiration of people around me, and through acquiring greater knowledge of a spiritual world and an understanding of colour and its effect in our everyday life, I am blessed with the ability to express myself in an artistic way.

My paintings define my individuality, along with my vibrant personality. I love a myriad of colour, which represents my "joie de vivre". My work is considered to be upbeat, warm and flattering to the eye. And while I currently work with acrylic paints, I have experimented with other mediums such as: pen and ink, charcoal, pastel, watercolor and oil. I enjoy painting abstract, portrait and various other subjects, although, most of my work features floral and landscapes, and several tropical settings. At a young age I was exposed to a life of travel that I grew to appreciate!

I love to travel and experience cultures abroad, or to be a tourist in my own hometown. There is a spiritual connection between my soul and water, and from this, my desire to be around this element, even within a painting, soothes my soul, finding peace within.

I love all realms of the art world, including writing, photography and music, but painting is my true love. I take great pride in my work, which provides the world the rare opportunity to view life "through my eyes"; a point of view I'm sure you'll find both unique and compelling.

Dancer - By Canadian Artist Barbara Simpson
Freedom - By Canadian Artist Barbara Simpson
Sunrise in May - By Canadian Artist Barbara Simpson
Brilliant Discovery - By Canadian Artist Barbara Simpson
Gardenia - By Canadian Artist Barbara Simpson
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Barbara Simpson

Brockville, Ontario
Phone: (613) 498-0050
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