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Bert Liverance

Bert Liverance
Floral Artist Bert Liverance

Capturing and preserving the temporal nature of flowers is my passion. Each flower is a blessing that could be so easily overlooked. I love capturing their beauty, grace and how they interact with light. Each painting is a celebration of one of nature's most delicate gifts. That's why they're big and bold. I want to make sure they command the attention they deserve. Flowers talk to me and I try and talk back through my paintings. I am still captivated by the diversity of flowers, their shapes and colors .... an endless supply of inspiration.

My oil paintings are large, typically 36" x 48", and take from 3-6 months to complete. I capture the bold colors, light, and shadow in a hyper realistic style to make the flowers come off the canvas. Over the last year or so I have also been painting in the Encaustic medium. Like my Oils, my Encaustics emphasize the bold colors, light and shadows but with a looser style. My Encaustics have a vibrancy all their own as a result of light interacting with the colored wax to yield a whole new look..that are'always in bloom.

My reward is when I make you smile.

Colish Creations

A dream and a commitment combined when we formed Colish Creations. Our dream is to have our own business; our commitment is to make a positive difference in the world. The dream doesn't require much explanation; many of us share that dream. The commitment, however, is something core to our beings.

It's a team effort. Bert creates the original oil and encaustic paintings and then works closely with Kirkman Imaging to ensure that the reproductions of the oils are as close to the original work as possible. Bert stretches the reproduced canvas onto the wood frame, paints the edges, wires it for hanging, and signs and numbers it. From there, Sarah focuses on finding the right avenues to reach art and flower lovers.

We are relentlessly committed to making this world a brighter place for as many people as we possibly can. We've seen how these flower paintings touch people. We've seen cancer patients lovingly place his work so that it's the first thing they see every morning. His flowers lift their spirits, give them hope, and brighten their day.

We sincerely hope that Bert's flowers will brighten your day. And if you have ideas or requests that you'd like to share with us, please let us know. Oh, and make sure to stop and smell the flowers!

You can see more of Bert's spectacular Floral Art on his website!

Coconut Dreams - By Floral Artist Bert Liverance
Ballerinas II - By Floral Artist Bert Liverance
Peony In Paradise - By Floral Artist Bert Liverance
Ballerinas I - By Floral Artist Bert Liverance
Nevisian Nymphs - By Floral Artist Bert Liverance

Calla Choir - By Floral Artist Bert Liverance
Princess - By Floral Artist Bert Liverance
(T)Ed - By Floral Artist Bert Liverance
Blue Belle - By Floral Artist Bert Liverance
Country Girls - By Floral Artist Bert Liverance
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The Floral Artwork of
Bert Liverance

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Toronto, Ontario, CA M5M 1K7
Phone: (416) 487-8778

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