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Bobbi Dunlop

Canadian Artist Bobbi Dunlop
Bobbi Dunlop


Decades of pursuing the language of brushstrokes has channeled Bobbi Dunlop's unique inner vision, experience and life wisdom into an avenue for expressing her truest reactions on canvas. Dunlop considers herself a 'professional observer of life'; applying paint to canvas as the vehicle through which she most naturally communicates her observations and feelings.

Challenge, personal growth, the pursuit of greater knowledge and the Glory of her Creator have always been the main drivers of Bobbi Dunlop's work.

In a classical approach very much her own, Dunlop's inspiration often begins with a deep affinity for a subject. From there a concept begins to evolve. Painting almost entirely from life, the subject could be entirely spontaneous, certainly simple and sometimes personal. Always, the intent is to consider the aesthetic quality of the painting and to honor beauty in its message.

It is said that Bobbi Dunlop's paintings "emanate peacefulness, simplicity, hope and most of all, love. It is not panoramic beauty that she portrays, not vast themes and grand narratives, but rather the smaller, microcosmic world of the familiar and the personal. Dunlop invites the viewer to consider the great and beautiful world encased in ordinary things". (Art Gallery News, 2005)

Bobbi Dunlop: "The Masters have set the bar for all artists who follow in their wake. This is the standard to which I measure myself constantly. It's a lifelong pursuit and one which will never cease to give me purpose and great satisfaction."

Bobbi Dunlop's images are enjoyed by many private and corporate collectors.

Be sure to visit Bobbi's website (and sign up for her newsletter) at and her new 'Daily Painting' blog site:

Best Friends - By Canadian Artist Bobbi Dunlop
Finest Green - By Canadian Artist Bobbi Dunlop
Among The Lilies - By Canadian Artist Bobbi Dunlop
Utterly Yellow - By Canadian Artist Bobbi Dunlop
Blossom and Berries - By Canadian Artist Bobbi Dunlop

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Bobbi Dunlop Fine Art

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