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Daniel Taylor

Canadian Artist Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor

"As an artist, my work has been displayed worldwide with international showings in Canada Place (Canada), Japan, Australia, England, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, two major showings, private displays to international personalities, Vancouver Art Gallery (B.C. Canada) and recently at the B.C. Festival of the Arts."

"I have been nominated for the Order of British Columbia, Honorary Doctor of the Arts, Instructor, Newspaper columnist, Ambassador to the Arts of the Handicapped, Federal and Provincial Representative to the Arts, Very Special Arts Contributor, and Telethons. I have also utilized my arts in the Motion Picture Industry for the past several years and have been on Television and in Newspaper interviews."

Moving from the city of Vancouver to the Interior of British Columbia 24 years ago, was a natural inclination of a Wildlife Artist, with no regrets. Living in the interior of British Columbia is a wildlife artists dream.

Fishing By Canadian Artist Daniel Taylor This fortunate move to such wonderful surroundings has been a great adventure indeed! The senses are, at times, overwhelmed by the demanding imageries - shadow, depth, color, warmth, smells and sounds. No matter where you look, the ever changing moods are stirred, bringing forth the "More then you can handle" impressions of life around us.

By no means has the earlier process of my work as a portrait artist come to an end, far from it! The raising of my four children has offered me an endless variety of child life paintings in a land of a thousand and more lakes and in the adventures in the life of a child.

Although I do paint in oils, most of my work is in acrylics. Portrait painting comes naturally, easily...Wildlife was a challenge that I have now come to accomplish with great joy and satisfaction and hopefully, a pleasure for all.

My studio consists of all an Artists needs. Paints, brushes, knives, canvases, acid free paper and illustration board and easel' but I do prefer to paint on a tilting table or drafting board. A library of wildlife books, portrait books and natural history books fill my shelves.

I'm very fond of the "OLD MASTERS" work and of the fine art of "High Realism Painting" whether that be portraits, wildlife or landscapes. I like to put a bit of abstraction into my work in order to make the viewer feel a sense of change and not so hum drum. I try to make the painting "Come Alive." This work is a collage of many years of experience and has been seen the world over. It's truly an adventure in the art of high realism.

"In this world of so much disorder and turmoil, I hope to bring to you a lasting sense of warmth, security and natural order. Something for you ...something to last for generations to come."


"I'm impressed that you are able to control acrylics, they are one of the hardest to work with in my humble opinion...really, very nice!" - Bryce Cameron Liston

"I'm impressed. Your work is excellent. Keep it up" - Richard R.Miller

"Your painting of Michael Landon actually took my breath's so true to life. Wonderfully done" - Barbara Neibors Deal Ph.D

"Your work seems worthy indeed. Congradulations on it and all good luck" - Charlton Heston (Actor/Director)

"The care and attention he puts into every brush stroke...His profile is as understated as He is."- Free Press

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He is currently taking commissioned pieces, please contact Daniel directly.

Michael Landon - By Canadian Aritst Daniel Taylor
Boys on Ice - By Canadian Aritst Daniel Taylor
Lynn Creek Black Bear - By Canadian Aritst Daniel Taylor
Mountain Chickadee - By Canadian Aritst Daniel Taylor
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Artwork of Daniel Taylor
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