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Dee Doige & Jackie Parkinson

Jackie Parkinson & Dee Doige - Alberta Artists
Jackie Parkinson & Dee Doige

This team of artists has been together a very long time. Perhaps that is because they are a Mother - Daughter duo. Both are native Albertans, Dee, the Mom, born in Calgary and Jackie, the Daughter was born in Jasper.

Dee was at that time married to a National Park Warden, whose District was in the remote North Boundary of Jasper National Park. Getting to " Home" was a long trek, either on horseback, by foot, and by snow machine in the winter. Traveling at that slow pace, Dee's eyes were filled with many interesting sights. There was plenty of time to file these sights and sounds away in the mental library, to be called upon at a much later date.

Jackie made her first trip to the back-country at the tender age of three weeks on a papoose board. Dad packed her, Mom packed other stuff and the dog carried the diapers in a dog pack. At the age of six weeks, Jackie rode her first horse, seated on a pillow on the front of Mom's saddle. Little wonder that horses would eventually play such an important role in her life.

After Dad left the Warden Service, there were a number of moves made by the young family, which soon added another sister. There was always at least one family dog and from early on at least one horse.

From an early age, Jackie's talents in the drawing field were evident. Art was the FAVORITE class in school, and she excelled. Mom, on the other hand, was far too busy to even think about her creative side. In 1972, the girls had a little brother, who being a typical boy, was interested only in things that had a motor, or made noise, or preferably both.

For Jackie and Dee, there were always the animals. Jackie is an accomplished horsewoman, and was the recipient of many Provincial Championships, earned in competitions, throughout British Columbia. Also, many a wounded critter has been taken in and cared for by these ladies. All living beings are special to them and the love and respect for domestic and wild animals is poured into their work.

All three children were in 4-H . They had steers and heifers, and Jackie also had a horse project. Keen observation skills were encouraged, and many more mental photos were taken and stored. It is this hands on reference that is so evident in both Dee and Jackie's work in the attention to the minute details.

For many years the artwork was on hold for Jackie and not discovered by Dee. In 1997, friend Gina Cohoe, an accomplished and well-respected sculptor, gave Dee the shove that she needed. Jackie started to draw again and Dee played with the clay. The collection of work is constantly expanding.

Over the past few years their work has gained a following both locally and worldwide. They have exhibited at many events in Alberta and British Columbia. Their work is held in private collections in Canada, the USA, England, Australia, New Zealand and United Arab Emirates.

Both Dee and Jackie have been honored with a number of commissions, and are grateful for the confidence that has been placed in their unique abilities to capture the personalities of their subjects. Living so close to nature for so long is a special inspiration.

You are welcome to visit the Gallery on the Farm at Water Valley, or check out the show schedule listed at

Cowboy Culture - Bronze Sculpture by Dee Doige
Whoa Darlin - Bronze Sculpture by Dee Doige
The Blonde leading the Blonde - Bronze Sculpture by Dee Doige
Ready - Bronze Sculpture by Dee Doige

Above and Beyond - By Pencil Artist Jackie Parkinson
Whoa - By Pencil Artist Jackie Parkinson
Wood Duck - By Pencil Artist Jackie Parkinson
Birdseye View - By Pencil Artist Jackie Parkinson
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