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Delores Davie

Delores Davie Canadian Artist
Delores Davie

I can not remember a time in my life when I didn't want to paint.

I was born in Fox Valley Saskatchewan, but have lived most of my life on the West Coast. We moved to British Columbia when I was 5 years old. My parents immediately enrolled me in the Vancouver school of art.

I've been a nature lover all my life. Throughout school I excelled in art, and every moment of free time I spent sketching people and animals and wandering in the woods with my dog.

I was married at a very young age and spent the next years raising a family and working. Unfortunately due to circumstances I was not able to begin painting until I had serious health problems and major surgery. During my recuperation period I was finally able to realize my passion and pursue my dream of being an artist.

I began basically self taught but later started at Jean'ne Brooks Oil Painting classes. I painted portraits and did a lot of native Indian works. Marion Scott Gallery in Vancouver sold many of these, she also registered me as a Canadian artist. A client of hers, the top art buyer from Paris, France bought many of them and said he would buy anything that I painted sight unseen.

Cheetah Guarding Her Young - By Canadian Artist Delores Davie In the early 1980's I moved to the USA and only painted when I was able to due to work. In the late 1980's I went to Libby's school of fine art in the USA. When I came back to Vancouver, my work went into the West Vancouver's Tremaine Gallery.

When I first started to paint I greatly admired paintings by Robert McVitty a marine artist, personally knowing him and being raised on the water front influenced me a lot here, but the artists that influenced me the most were Robert Bateman and Carl Brenders.

I have done commission work and have had a lot of "showings", but the more I painted the deeper emotions inside of me led me to follow my heart and to paint mainly Portraits and Wildlife.

I like to paint realism, the feelings that I have for nature and people comes out in the detailed work that I do. Nature is intended to be natural and beautiful so I try to capture them in my art works, to make them as realistic as I can.

I have painted off and on for the last 20 years and now have paintings hanging in many private collections around the world, in Canada, the USA, Paris and Russia.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to paint for people's enjoyment because the paintings come from my heart, this is the greatest God given gift that I can share with everyone.

Stalking - By Canadian Aritst Delores Davie
Sabu - By Canadian Aritst Delores Davie
At Noon Days Rest - By Canadian Aritst Delores Davie
In Bliss - By Canadian Aritst Delores Davie
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Art of Delores Davie
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North Vancouver B.C.V7M 1W6
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