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Diana Lockie

Canadian Artist Diana Lockie
Diana Lockie


Diana Lockie was born in Saskatchewan and was raised on a small farm in Alberta.

At a very young age she found herself fascinated with antiques, which led her into collecting. This fascination grew and pulled her into an antique style of art.

She paints with a limited color palette of black and white with sepia overtones; which lend her works an 'old world' look. A longing for the life values and ambience of ages past motivates the artist to create these images. Diana creates a window to a previous age, when the pace of life was simpler and slower; when people appreciated each other above all else. She introduces a style of painting uniquely her own for nostalgia fine art collectors around the world.

All over our great countryside are the remnants of a time that has long since passed. Diana turns back the clock with a stroke of her brush. Her images portray a real sense of what life was like for those who lived in that era.
Diana is a self-taught artist, who is always hunting for that next 'old time memories' to portray in art. Her work has captured the attention from movie productions, antique enthusiasts and dealers alike. Diana takes great joy from watching her four children play and discover life.

Recent Items of Interest

  • Diana is a featured artist for Virginia's favorite historial gallery: Image Studio, Smithfield, Virginia USA.

  • Featured in Edmonton Journal's Country Asides and Thompson's Antique Gazette resent publications.

  • Shown as a featured Artist for Elm Hill Gallery, in Houston, Texas.

  • I am the art coordinator for the Cowboy Poetry Gathering here in Stony Plain.

  • I will also be at the Canadian finals rodeo coming up in Nov.

  • The Team by Canadian Artist Diana Lockie
    Sunday Chore by Canadian Artist Diana Lockie
    Puppy Dog Tails by Canadian Artist Diana Lockie
    Sugar & Spice by Canadian Artist Diana Lockie
    Heart n´ Soul by Canadian Artist Diana Lockie

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    Diana Lockie

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