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Diane M Anderson

Diane M. Anderson
Alberta Bronze Artist Diane M. Anderson


I am proud to say I am a self taught artist. There have been other artists whose work I greatly respect that have influenced my style and growth. I have learned something from each of them. Nothing teaches like life however and I have let my surroundings and experiences guide my learning.

I work in bronze, acrylic, oil and silver and do most of my marketing through personal appearances at shows throughout Canada and the US. I have a gallery where you can see all my sculptures and paintings. Visit my website at as well.

Now into my 35th year of a very fulfilling career as an artist, I can honestly say that I have truly enjoyed every minute of it.

Creating images that will activate a memory for the viewer, is what it is all about for me. It can be a person, situation, animal interaction, or a simple gesture that will trigger a memory. It is different for everyone. It is a wonderful feeling to see people’s reaction to some of my pieces. I have had people say to me…” In my day we did it just like that” or even” I used to harness a little different to that but I guess that would work too.” I have seen grown men cry when looking at my Angels among Us piece. There have been ladies tell me that an image tugs on their hearts and children ask” why would someone do that?” when looking at a cowboy lifting a calf. No matter the image someone can relate to it. This has been the amazing part of this journey.

My talent is a gift and I am honored to have been given this ability. I work at using it to the best of my ability. It has offered me an amazing opportunity to meet some of the most wonderful people. Some of these people have inspired new pieces. There have been some that have commissioned me to create certain works for them. This again offers another type of opportunity. To be able to bring an idea or image into reality for someone to enjoy is an amazing experience. I cannot imagine a bigger compliment than someone wanting my work in their life every day.

I use everyday life as my muse and emotion as the drive to complete a project. When people ask me what my passion is I can honestly answer my art work. I love both bronze and painting so I feel I have it all. I really don’t have a certain subject that I rely on. Although I love to sculpt or paint the equine image, I am quite happy to take on the opportunity to explore different creative experiences. I feel it broadens my outlook on life and also myability to really see in a different way.

Most recently I have been working mostly on commissioned works. I enjoy the challenge of bringing someone’s dream to reality for them. So if you have an idea for a feature sculpture lets talk it over.

In short I love what I do, and the process and am thankful and honored to be able to do it.

To view more of Diane M. Anderson's incredible sculptures and paintings, please go to her website. You can also contact Diane directly through email

Morning Ritual - By Canadian Bronze Artist Diane M. Anderson
In The Shade - By Canadian Bronze Artist Diane M. Anderson

Good to the Last Drop - By Canadian Bronze Artist Diane M. Anderson
You've Got Mail - By Canadian Bronze Artist Diane M. Anderson
Days End - By Canadian Bronze Artist Diane M. Anderson
Pick Up Man - By Canadian Artist Diane M. Anderson
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