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Ed Kemp

Canadian Artist Ed Kemp
Canadian Artist Ed Kemp


Ed is a self-taught Canadian artist who was born and raised in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He and his wife have since relocated to Alberta, and currently reside in Wetaskiwin.

As a child, he was fond of drawing and doodling, but it wasn't until he was in his 40's that he adopted painting as a form of expression. After experimenting with pastels, oil paints and watercolours, he settled in with acrylic paints as they best suited his style and temperament.

From his childhood, Ed fondly remembers visits to his grandparent's farm in Saskatchewan. Subsequently, many of these rural scenes show up in his work. Old and crumbling buildings, wind-weathered grain elevators, abandoned antique vehicles and trains set in prairie landscapes sing the nostalgia this artist has for those days. However Ed also explores his imagination, evident in the many mountainous, wildlife, seascape and underwater adventures he has taken with his paintbrush. It becomes apparent to the viewer that this artists love of animals and nature are the driving force behind his work.

Ed's favorite saying is "Anything I can see, I can paint", so it is no surprise he is quite comfortable with many forms of commision work. He often works directly from photos supplied by his clients, dealing with varied subject matter. These might range from beloved pets, old homesteads,business signage and just about anything requested. He is also willing to create paintings on request using his vast supply of imagery and fertile imagination. To his client's delight, he happily creates these diverse scenes on non-canvas surfaces as well. These might include hand saws, crosscut saws, buck saws, gold pans, milk cans - you name it. Often these surfaces add to the uniqueness and authenticity of the scenes he paints on them. What could be better than a picture of the old family dairy farm on an antique milk can?

In the mid-1980's, Ed placed as a finalist in the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation Contest. Since then, he placed as a top-five finalist with Ducks Unlimited and received People's Choice and Best in Show awards in local Art Club shows. He has also had numerous one-man shows as well as shared exhibitions through galleries in both Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Self-sustaining for the past ten years, this prolific artist's work can be found in private homes in Japan, England, Germany, Thailand, France, Holland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and throughout North America.

Orcas At Play - By Canadian Artist Ed Kemp
The Team - By Canadian Artist Ed Kemp
King Of His Domain - By Canadian Artist Ed Kemp
Rainbow Rising - By Canadian Artist Ed Kemp

Companions - By Canadian Artist Ed Kemp
Abandoned - By Canadian Artist Ed Kemp
Evening Encounter - By Canadian Artist Ed Kemp
Voices Of The Wilderness - By Canadian Artist Ed Kemp
Prairie Giant - By Canadian Artist Ed Kemp
Evening Serenade - By Canadian Artist Ed Kemp
Birch Pond - By Canadian Artist Ed Kemp
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Artist Ed Kemp
Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Phone: 1-780-352-7705

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