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British Columbia Artists, Watercolors, Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Sculpture

These British Columbia artists paint a wide variety of artwork ranging from native art to cowboy art, cartoons, caricatures, art murals, horse portraits to human portraits, Canadian scenery, Nature art, wildlife art, Landscapes and seascapes, the realistic and the imaginary. You might just find that perfect piece of artwork you have been looking for whether it be an original painting, a limited edition giclee or a bronze sculpture! Canada has many talented artists, I hope you enjoy the many we have listed here in our art gallery. Stay tuned as Art In Canada will be creating more artists websites in the near future focusing on artists in each province. The artists listed in this art gallery do exceptional work in watercolors, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pastel art, pencil art, charcoal, bronze sculpture, pottery, and much more! Several artists offer art workshops and art lessons!


Richard Alm
Jane Appleby
Heather Anderson
James Andison
Roger Arndt
The Charlie Russell Artist
George E.Bates
Lucy J. Bates
Breen Bergstrome
Judy Blake
John H. Burrow
Ed Cleave
John Cloutier
Ken Cochrane
Catherine Compton
Maria Del Carmen Covelo
Heather Crocker
Alan Mark Cross
Ken Curley
Delores Davie
Gary Doll
Jonn Einerssen
Alex Fong
Loretta Gardiner-Monckton
Denis Grosjean
Jack Grundle
Patricia Guzm'n
Brent Heighton
Andrew Kiss
Lisa Maxine Kjernisted
Marc LaCaille
Elisabeth Litto
Debbie Lund
Sherren MacLeod
Bernard Major
Denis Mayer Jr.
Audrey Nanimahoo
Joan Nicol
Reg Parsons
Joyce A. Quillian
John Salsnek
Tricia Sellmer
Kerry Stansfield
Betsy Symons
James Tan
Daniel Taylor
Marilyn Trenchard
Kristeen Verge
Dennis Weber
Richard Wong
Susan Wuthrich

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Richard Alm
Richard Alm Canadian Artist
Richard Alm BA
Designer, Painter, Sculptor & Inventor
Richard received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1966. In his undergraduate years he studied under several of Canada's leading painters and sculptures including Otto Rogers, Ernst Lindner, Robert Murray & William Epp. The intervening 38 years was a worldwide journey of design & discovery with a camera close at hand. Richard is now documenting on canvas and in sculpture, his global experiences, his Saskatchewan roots and his home city of Vancouver.

Jane Appleby
Jane Appleby Canadian Artist
Jane Appleby is an intuitive painter and photographer who expresses her love of life in her work. She has a colourful impressionistic style in which she hopes to impart the joy that came with making the piece.
Many artists have inspired Jane to explore painting, especially her late father, an architect. Works of Van Gogh, Mondrian, Kandinsky, and Rothko have influenced Jane’s abstract work. Painters of nature that have inspired Jane include Emily Carr, Tom Thompson, Roy Vickers and Gordon Smith.
Jane instructs classes, has been involved in designing several community murals and her work is featured in many fundraising events.

Heather Anderson
Heather Anderson Watercolor Artist
Canadian Artist Heather Anderson states "I find colour most intriguing. The play of light and colour create excitement. I love to paint the outdoors. British Columbia, Canada provides fabulous scenery to which I feel strongly connected. Childhood Summer travels in B.C. gave me an early sense of wonder. I am only the actor that translates the visual performance of nature." Canadian watercolor artist Heather Anderson's artwork can be found in many private collections in the Canada and in the USA. Heather has been in many art shows including: Blackberry Art Gallery, Port Moody, B.C., Innovations Art Shows (juried), Coquitlam, B.C., Port Moody Art Association’s Annual and Festival Art Shows.

James Andison
British Columbia Wood Artist
James Andison has been sculpting in wood for over ten years and uses his artistic talents to create vertical art from one of nature's greatest gifts. His large, towering pieces adorn award-winning homes in the Canadian Rockies, adding unique ambience to dwellings built by discerning clientele looking for awe inspiring artwork to compliment their d'cor.

Along with vertical art, James creates a varied selection of artistic pieces including, masks, tables, doors, mantles, reliefs, sculpture and structural load- bearing posts, beams, knee braces, arches, etc. The goal of Sweetwood Creations is to create anything you can imagine from wood!

Roger Arndt
Roger Arndt Oil Painter
Canadian artist Roger D. Arndt's hallmark scenes of towering Rocky Mountains, western forests, Pacific shores and gardens have captured the attention of the fine art collectors world wide. Canadian artist Roger Arndt's work is distinguished by a luminous and mystical quality that stirs inspiration in all who sees his work. A Roger D. Arndt oil painting is a timeless work of Canadian art that marries the breathtaking subject matter of Canada's west with fine craftsmanship and quality. Canadian artist Roger Arndt is a smooth brush oil painter who utilizes a century old Flemish technique that was once practiced by European artists. His attention to detail is paramount from the time he conceptualizes the image in his mind and prepares his boards, to the finishing and framing of the completed piece. Canadian artist Roger Arndt paints with oil paints creating beautiful landscape paintings of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The Charlie Russell Artist
The Charlie Russell Artist - Gary Lowe
As a western history fan, I am very familiar with Charlie Russell’s life and times.
As I reflected on Charlie Russell and his wife Nancy (Mame), my interest was aroused to paint episodes from their lives and especially events in Charlie Russell's life that struck a chord with my own mountain and horse experiences in the northern Rockies. This is something that I could paint with a degree of passion and personal interest.
So here I am at seventy three dedicating art to Charlie Russell and his wife. I especially want to emphasize the importance she played in his career. In my opinion, she is the unsung hero and Charlie Russell would agree with me.

George E. Bates
George E. Bates BC Artist
Although he initially took on the challenge of painting in oils with a pallet knife, for many years George's favorite medium was pen, pencil or marking pen along with watercolour washes. He often yearned for all the training others had received by majoring in art at a University, but knowing that he would never have that opportunity he settled with buying and reading numerous books and taking the occasional evening class, all the while studying particular paintings he liked, plumbing for the secrets they held. Being able to discuss the principles of art with Lucy brought a much deeper understanding and flexibility, although this is still in progress.
Presently retired, George, after some evening classes in the medium of oils, took on the challenge of painting in acrylics. At present his favourite topic is the great outdoors, but he has the goal of returning to the human arena. He is most comfortable painting representational subjects with an impressionistic approach and loves experimenting with various colour schemes and colour theories.

Lucy J. Bates
Lucy J. Bates BC Artist
Lucy works mainly in watercolor and enjoys exploring areas in her current locale as references for her landscapes, compositions of people and flowers. She is a relatively new artist and expects to continue her art education. She attended the Vancouver School of Art as a youth (it no longer exists but some will remember it), took her first watercolor classes with the Peel Board of Education (Mississauga, Ontario) in 1992 and discovered her love of the watercolor medium. She has recently taken four years of watercolor classes at the Swinton Art Studio in Calgary and has participated in art shows and sales as a juried member of The Federation of Canadian Artists, The Calgary Artists Society, Interpretations Artists Association and participated at the Leighton Art Center while living in Calgary. She has learned a lot from workshops by the some of the best artists in Canada: Brent Laycock, Jean Pederson and Jim Brager, and supplements her knowledge through good art books and browsing the net.

Breen Bergstrome
Breen Bergstrome BC Artist
Breen's subjects have included indigenous peoples and wildlife, pets, and nature studies. She paints both her own muse and is also open to commission. "My style is realism, although there's only enough detail I deem is necessary for each painting". "I have spent most of my 30-year watercolour career painting images meant primarily as a respite from everyday life and a pause for positive revision. " Breen has substantial experience in watercolour, oils, pen & ink, Multi-medium installations, illustration and design, and has completed 12 large outdoor Murals both historic and contemporary. In her career, Breen has completed a large portfolio of Fine Art Watercolours and Oil paintings.
Breen is now offering high-quality giclee reproductions of selected works.
Breen has been an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC) based in Toronto, Ontario since 2006, and an active member of The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), Vancouver, B.C. since 2002.

Judy Blake
Judy Blake BC Artist
Judy has recently discovered that the intricate detail in scratchboard art appeals to her, as well as the rich colour of acrylic. Hence, scratchboard and acrylic art are the mediums through which Judy now chooses to exhibit her love of western and wildlife themes. A self-taught artist in scratchboard art and acrylics, Judy finds that the "western" way of life appeals to her artistan's thirst for capturing in scratchboard art and acrylic a sense of hard work and fierce determination. The dramatist in Judy finds fulfillment in the starkness and simplicity of scratchboard and acrylic paintings; a medium which vividly portrays the intensity in wildlife, and the inherent adventure in western motifs. Whether it be the challenge of capturing the wild expression in a cougar's eyes, or the loving gaze of a beloved pet; or revealing the pride in the face of a cowboy, Judy finds joy and fulfillment in bringing these emotions to life.

John H. Burrow
John Burrow Canadian Artist
Canadian artist John H. Burrow is a highly accomplished oil painter, respected by professional artists, galleries, and collectors throughout many cities in Canada and United Sates. With over 20 years of solo and group exhibitions behind him he continues create "feel good art" that everyone enjoys. Clarity, and harmony is the foundation to Johns work, resulting in an artistic taste & sensibility. "His strong color and bold brush strokes display a dimension in art that can only be achieved by the painterly process John uses in his work." John's art has appeared in Edmonton magazine, Western Living magazine, The Calgary Herald, The Edmonton Journal, Alberta Report Magazine, Preview of the Visual Arts magazine, and many ski resort publications throughout the Northwest.

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