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These bronze artists and clay artists sculpt a wide variety of artwork ranging from native art to cowboy art, cartoons, horses and human portraits, wildlife art, the realistic and the imaginary. You might just find that perfect piece of artwork you have been looking for! Canada has many talented artists, I hope you enjoy the many we have listed here in our art gallery. Stay tuned as Art In Canada will be creating more artists websites in the near future focusing on artists in each province. The artists listed in this art gallery do exceptional work in sculpture, pottery and much more! Several artists offer art workshops and art lessons!


Diane M. Anderson
Rocky Barstad
Alicia Charlton
John Cloutier
Gina McDougall-Cohoe
Ken Curley
Guy Dahl
Dee Doige
Anne Klar
Audrey Nanimahoo
Reg Parsons
Ron Pearce
Thomas Schultz
Linda Stewart
Ada Vostry
Donna Wilson


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Diane M. Anderson
Diane M. Anderson - Canadian Artist
Diane is known for her ability to capture images in bronze, that people from many walks of life can relate to. Whether is be a seniors couple on a swing, a tiny calf experiencing the wonders of being alive or a powerful eagle gracing the skies with its majestic control of the air, Dianes pieces evoke emotions. She believes that in order to relate to something you must first make an emotional connection with it. There are many emotions so their can be many reactions to any given bronze. "That is why it is so much fun to watch people "experiencing" each sculpture when I am at a show." It may be that just looking at a sculpture triggers a memory of days gone by for one and the same sculpture evokes sympathy in the next person. "The best for me as the artist however is when someone says I remember when'..or That's just how Dad did it'''.or That reminds me of a horse I used to have. I just know that this person is going through their memory bank and experiencing something or someone that was special."
Diane attends several art shows every year and has received awards for her work. The one she treasures most is the Artists Choice award for best sculpture at the Calgary Stampede. Being voted that award by her piers she says is the best she could ever hope for.

Rocky Barstad
Rocky Barstad - Two Feathers Gallery High River Alberta
Being Native and raised in the West, Rocky draws on his heritage for inspiration. Through the Scottsdale Arizona Artist School he has studied and traveled with many world class working artists.
He enjoys sharing this knowledge by teaching classes. He works in a variety of mediums, oil and pastel painting, bronze sculpture, mural painting and artifact replicas.
With the opening of Two Feathers Gallery in 1996 in High River Alberta, Rocky created a showcase of artworks from across North America.
A member of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, Two Feathers Gallery promotes Native arts'Native made.

"Helping To Keep The Spirit Strong"

Alicia Charlton
Alicia Charlton Stone Carvings
"I love the concept of taking an inanimate object and uncovering this life and movement that defies its exterior, releasing the potential of the space within."

In each piece I strive to convey three motions, not just moments.
We tend to view pieces of art, and especially carvings as one precise moment, frozen in time.
But what brought that exact moment to pass and what will the anticipated result be??

The subjects of my pieces have a history that brought them to this moment in time and will continue past it. So does the stone I use. It, in itself, has a life that continues beyond my work.

John Cloutier
Clay Art by John Cloutier
The artist's ceramic method is Raku, an ancient Japanese art of firing which produces sculptures with unique glazes and a characteristic black clay body. "I love the spontaneity of the medium, the combination from delicate and sophisticated to rough and primitive - all within the same piece. When you fire a piece, you never know how it's going to turn out."
The works of ceramic artist John Cloutier have become a focal point of major exhibitions throughout Western Canada.
John has been seen for many years in the Artists' Pavilion at the Calgary Stampede. John's work was seen recently at the Hambleton Galleries in Kelowna, B.C. He has done a number of commissioned pieces for various individuals and organizations.

Gina McDougall-Cohoe
Bronze Art by Gina McDougall-Cohoe
C.N. (Chunky) Woodward purchased the very first bronze sculpture made by Gina in 1970. It was a cutting horse in action called "Showdown". Gina's bronze sculptures are now worldwide. They are in the collections of the British Royal Family, the Crown Prince of Jordan, western singer Randy Travis and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to name just a few. Gina was commissioned to do the official bronze for the 1988 Olympics. Over the years the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede has used numerous sculptures as trophies.

Ken Curley
Ken Curley Canadian Bronze Artist
Sculptor Ken Curley is a bronze artist whose zest for life and passion for bronze have translated into powerful works of art that are destined to stand the test of time.
A recent work - and his most difficult yet - entitled "Making Wishes," is a light-hearted, whimsical piece that can be described as 'truly enchanting.' It features a tiny, hovering fairy with filigree wings, pouring orchid dust into a glass vessel held by a jester. "Have you ever made a wish?" asks Curley, who says that he was 'compelled' to create the image. "This is where wishes come from," he explains, rather impishly. In this piece, like many others, the bronze bends and arcs as effortlessly as Curley's imagination. With its patina finishes radiating a gentle, rich glow, one can't help but wonder how Curley creates this kind of expressive grace in such an unyielding medium.

Guy Dahl
Guy Dahl Bronze Sculpture
Having worked in many different mediums, Guy has found sculpting the most satisfying. Capturing the movement and textures of his subjects seems to be a constant challenge. Great thought and knowledge goes into showing off each element of his sculptures in a unique, appealing, and realistic format with a slight artist twist. While living in Western and North Western Canada, Guy has had the opportunity to view many species of wildlife in their natural environment. From a Beaver searching a mountain stream for food, to two Bull Moose battling it out during the Rut. Or, a herd of Mountain Caribou running up and over a mountain at the sight of a wolverine, to Mountain Goats scaling cliffs, Guy has had the opportunity to experience nature in its truest form. It's these experiences that have proven to be a great asset in realistically portraying his subjects.

Dee Doige
Dee Doige Bronze Sculpture
Canadian bronze sculpture artist Dee Doige has been juried into many prestigious art events and her sculptures are held in private art collections around the world. A long time breeder of Registered Quarter horses, Canadian artist Dee Doige has gained a love and understanding of their personalities and the often amusing relationships they have within their own group and also with other animals and with people. Stories in Bronze are a unique way of looking at the memories and culture of the Canadian West, Memories and reflections of the lifestyles this Canadian artist has experienced during the many years she has lived in Central B.C. and the legendary Cariboo.

Anne Klar
A Snowy Night - By Anne Klar 3D Scuptural Artist
Artist Anne Klar's "Wonderfully Alive Three Dimensional Sculptural Paintings" take you back to another time. The ingenuity of her two hands coupled with her vibrant imagination, come together to create 3D works of Art that reach out off the canvas and touch the heart.

Working primarily in clay, Anne Klar magically breathes life into her creations. Creating texture upon texture, her innovative process exudes an energy that can only dazzle and excite the viewer.

Anne Klar's Fine Art Prints have the illusion of 3D making them "one of a kind". They can be purchased from her Online Gallery.

Audrey Nanimahoo
Audrey Nanimahoo Canadian Artist
I knew I found my calling in life when the first time that I picked up a piece of stone and began to carve the surface of it. There was something far beyond what I could explain. Something told me that the 'Creator' had given me my gift for it felt right and it felt powerful. I will cherish, and be eternally grateful for this gift that was given so freely. That feeling has never left me, when I begin to carve, it's like the 'Creator' is continuing to guide me. My openness ' my focus ' is almost like a trance I listen to what the stone is saying to me, not in words, but with images that shows me what to carve and where. In this manner, I create unique and original works of art. I get a feeling of overwhelming happiness and excitement when a piece is finished. Then, I can see that I am bringing each piece of stone to life' as though it will soon breathe on its own.

Reg Parsons
Reg Parsons Canadian Artist
'Creating life in sculpture that expresses beauty, passion and strength makes me come alive. I choose my subjects and themes from picturing the finished piece, complete with detail, before my hands touch the clay. I'm challenged to expand my style of realism through varied techniques to capture the life of each piece as my eyes see it.'
With unlimited talent as a self taught artist, he looks forward to his next work being his best. Be it a notebook, a canvas, or a lump of clay, he demands excellence in everything he puts his hand to, and gives credit to God as the source of his gifts.
Check out Reg Parson's new WEBSITE!

Ron Pearce
Ontario Artist Ron Pearce
A resident of London, Ontario, artist Ron Pearce is a self-taught sculptor who began carving as a hobby in 1985. It didn't take long for his hobby to grow into a career. He has experimented with a variety of subjects including small animals, wildfowl, and caricatures, but he is best known for his western-themed, human busts.
These dramatic carvings have won numerous awards, including many "Best of Show" honours and the "Best of Masters" award in the 23rd International O.W.C.A. Carving Competition, Toronto, Canada.
His pieces have been published in carving magazines with world wide distribution and are included in private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States, Germany, Scotland, New Zealand and China.
Visit his website to see all of his art.

Thomas Schultz
Thomas Schultz Canadian Artist
Tom Schultz was born in 1957 in northeastern Saskatchewan, Canada. His passion for wildlife and the outdoors began when he was very small, inspired and fostered by childhood hunting and fishing trips with his father. Even since then, Tom has been able to combine his love of nature with his artistic interests, specifically in the fields of sculpture and bronze casting.
In 1995, he began his career as a sculptor in earnest -- a natural offshoot of his expertise in taxidermy -- and by 1998 had a body of work sufficient for him to start marketing his bronzes. Tom has sold his sculptures to discriminating collectors throughout Canada and the United States.

Linda Stewart
Linda Stewart - Western Bronze Sculpture
In the summer of 1999, The Calgary Stampede set out to find a sculptor to create a monument that would add the finishing touches to the new 30 million dollar expansion of their Trade Show & Convention facility known as the Roundup Center.

Linda Stewart was selected from among 40 artists and commissioned to create a sculpture that would portray the ranching tradition of Alberta. The Life-size bronze sculpture depicts a typical ranching scene. The casting was completed June 5, 2000 by Bronzart Casting of Calgary.

The Sculpture is aptly named "ROUNDUP" and it now stands at the front entryway to the new Roundup Center on the grounds of the Calgary Stampede.

You can contact Linda Stewart directly through email.
Or see more of her Bronze Sculptures on her website.

Ada Vostry
Ada Vostry Clay Sculpture
Being an avid nature lover and an outdoorsman the images he creates are influenced and motivated by nature or at times by the rich history of North America.

His keen eye for detail supported by his unfailing good sense of humour helps him to see the cheerful rather than the serious side of life.

Today, Ada Vostry' ceramic sculptures or other ceramic artworks are proudly displayed in many private collections in Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia), Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Italy and now in Canada.

Donna Wilson
Bronze Sculpture by Alberta Artist Donna Wilson
Born to a third generation Alberta Ranching family, Donna Wilson has a strong affinity for the people and animals that live and work in this environment.

She has continued to work with cattle and horses throughout her entire life, and spends a great deal of time enjoying the native wildlife that lives in the area. Most of the subjects of her sculptures are people and animals that are a part of her everyday life and she accurately depicts the individual characters of each.

While living and working close to nature and on the land, she has developed a deep appreciation for the people and animals in her environment. She is careful and observant in the detail of each individual making sculptures that are not only life like but accurate.

Those persons who enjoy western art will like this artist’s depictions of the characters that live and work in an increasingly threatened way of life.

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