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These Graphite artists draw a wide variety of artwork ranging from native art to cowboy art, art murals, horse portraits to human portraits, Canadian scenery, Nature art, wildlife art, the realistic and the imaginary. You might just find that perfect piece of artwork you have been looking for. Canada has many talented artists, I hope you enjoy the many we have listed here in our art gallery. Stay tuned as Art In Canada will be creating more artists websites in the near future focusing on artists in each province. Several artists offer art workshops and art lessons!

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Sandy Boblin
Bernie Brown
Richard Brown
Kent Burles
Judy Dahl
Nona Foster
Michelle Grant
Dean Herbert
Kevin Joyce
Sandy Makokis
Gil Menzies
Jackie Miller
Glen Munholland
Janet Nash
Jackie Parkinson
Dee Poisson
Stephen Seguin
Lorne Sieben
Lubos Smejkal
Melanie Springbett
Nicole Viste

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Sandy Boblin
Free Spirit By Sandy Boblin - Alberta Artist
In April of 2009 I was given the gift of life. My hiking partner and I were involved in a back-country avalanche accident. I received a lower leg injury which I am still healing from. I now feel not only blessed to be alive, but to have been given the opportunity to draw and pursue my dream of being an artist! I have now formed my company known as 'EMINART'. The 'Eminence' of your animal 'In Art." Sandy Boblin, a self taught graphite artist from Alberta is taking commissions of animals and it gives me great pleasure to produce work that portrays animals in Art. I am also expanding my talents to do commissioned scenery work.

Bernie Brown
Bernie Brown Pencil Artist
Canadian artist Bernie Brown is a self-taught pencil artist born and raised in Saskatchewan. A former junior high school art and physical education teacher, he gave up teaching in 1989 to become a full-time pencil artist. In 1993 this Canadian pencil artist and his family left their home in Swift Current, Saskatchewan and now live near Okotoks, Alberta. Alberta artist Bernie Brown takes great pride in his prairie heritage and strives to accurately depict scenes in his artwork that portray our western culture through his western art. Recently, realistic wildlife drawings have given him the opportunity to support worthwhile organizations whose purpose is to preserve these animals in their natural habitat.

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Canadian Artist
Welcome to brownblackandwhite, where we promote the timeless grace and beauty of pencil drawing, and celebrate the creativity of the pencil artist. The gallery is open, our time is yours, and we are delighted that you could join us. We would be very pleased to show you photo realistic celebrity pencil portraits, scenes from the old west, renderings of vintage steam locomotives, and several limited edition wildlife art prints that are all currently on display. These images are in the form of lifelike black and white graphite pencil drawings.
Please take your time. There is no need to rush because this is one art gallery that does not close. And feel free to return any time. We look forward to seeing you again soon at the site where pencil art is a fine art.

Richard Brown

Kent Burles
Kent Burles Canadian Artist
I was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1955 moving at the age of nine to Montreal. From filling every available page with doodles at the age of two, my parents shared encouraging words and enrolled me in Art classes at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. I'll never forget the image of the aged Arthur Lismer visiting our class! My interest in art lead me to complete my Art History degree at McGill University.
Common in all my work, is a love of costume, regalia, extraordinary faces and the souls behind those faces. The pages displayed here illustrate my love of visual storytelling and my fascination with the mystery of past realities. The lives of every human being are shot through with the possiblities and limitations that those past realities imply. I can only hope that I can express even a portion of what that might mean.

Judy Dahl
Judy Dahl - Alberta Artist - Alberta Photographer
Today, one of only a few Canadians to be accredited in both livestock and equine photography, Judy still shoots prize-winning animals, but now her portfolio has expanded to include photos of old barns and empty elevators, abandoned houses and deserted farm yards, dilapidated outhouses and forgotten machinery - mementos of lives and industry now past.
Not only does Judy's extensive collection serve as an historic reference, but the photos are also fodder for her highly treasured Prismacolor crayon and pencil drawings, water-colours, and oil paintings.

Nona Foster
Nona Foster Alberta Artist
Nona’s subjects are varied, due to the different locations she has lived and experienced, the people she has met and was inspired and passionate to create from these experiences.

Her art portrays a variety of subjects including western, native and wildlife images. During her research she has kept in mind the preservation of Canada’s wildlife, our National Parks and the beautiful untouched back country.

Nona’s native ancestry ( Cree and Cherokee ) give her inspiration and vision to create and become a part of her art.
Visit Nona Foster at

Michelle Grant
Michelle Grant Equine Artist
Born in Calgary, Michelle was exposed to horses through the Calgary Stampede, Spruce Meadows and her own experiences riding in the Alberta foothills.
Being a certified horse nut, most of Michelle's work centers on her love for horses, however her work also includes portraits of people and wildlife.
Simply put, she likes to "go places and do things" and then loves to paint the images that she finds inspiring from the event. "Going places and doing things" typically includes horseback riding, fishing, hiking, and attending rodeos, brandings, horse races and show jumping events.

Dean Herbert
Dean Herbert Graphite Artist
Canadian artist Dean John Herbert is a self-taught pencil artist.
This Alberta artist is very diversified with his subjects. Dean depicts the farming way of life and captures the rustic and weathered barns of yesterday with deep feeling and appreciation.
His work also includes wildlife, sports drawings (Alberta NHL hockey players and events.) Dean is also a skilled portrait artist.
His style is realistic and Dean pays close attention to detail and correctness in his artwork.

Kevin Joyce
Kevin Joyce Graphite Artist
Canadian Artist Kevin Joyce has quickly made his mark in the arts community.
His graphite drawing titled Aging Gracefully won an award of excellence at the 2007 Muskoka Arts & Crafts spring members show, and he also took second place overall at Kempenfest Arts & Crafts Festival Barrie Ontario that same year. Kevin occasionally accepts commission work when time permits.
Kevin Joyce may be contacted if you have any questions or comments at

Sandy Makokis
Sandy Makokis - Canadian Artist
I was exposed to art at an early age. My artistic mother had an easel in the corner of the dining room where she painted with oils and sketched between working and raising a family. I used crayon, pencils, pencil crayons and chalk, sometimes doing illustrations on the blackboard for the teachers in elementary school.
I love working with oils, acrylic and pastels, and sometimes combining the media for special effects. I found that photography is a fast fix for me to freeze the subjects that I want to paint. I sometimes refer to several photos to get the big picture. Camping, working and playing are all a part of my sources.
Working in pencil, I capture the colour and details to show the mood of the moment suspended in the fraction of time when the image occurred. Many of my prints are in private collections across Canada, USA, and some in Japan and Taiwan.

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