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These Graphite artists draw a wide variety of artwork ranging from native art to cowboy art, art murals, horse portraits to human portraits, Canadian scenery, Nature art, wildlife art, the realistic and the imaginary. You might just find that perfect piece of artwork you have been looking for. Canada has many talented artists, I hope you enjoy the many we have listed here in our art gallery. Stay tuned as Art In Canada will be creating more artists websites in the near future focusing on artists in each province. Several artists offer art workshops and art lessons!

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Sandy Boblin
Bernie Brown
Richard Brown
Kent Burles
Judy Dahl
Nona Foster
Michelle Grant
Dean Herbert
Kevin Joyce
Sandy Makokis
Gil Menzies
Jackie Miller
Glen Munholland
Janet Nash
Jackie Parkinson
Dee Poisson
Stephen Seguin
Lorne Sieben
Lubos Smejkal
Melanie Springbett
Nicole Viste

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Gil Menzies
Calgary Alberta Wildlife Pencil Artist Gil Menzies
Gil draws 'Truly Canadian Wildlife Art'! Gil was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.
One of the gifts his father gave him was an appreciation and a love for the outdoors. He enjoys nature and draws his inspiration from the wilderness areas of Alberta and British Columbia. Gil tries to follow nature's laws and to capture the true essence of his subjects through the medium of pencil. He hopes to share with the viewer the splendour of the natural setting with detail and realism.
Gil creates Original Pencil drawings of wildlife art, as well, has limited and open end edition prints available.

Jackie Miller
Paintings by Saskatoon Artist Jackie Miller
My motivation and inspiration come from the movement and colours of my environment. My paintings are a suggestion of what I encounter daily their interpretation is subject to what you feel.

I paint a number of subjects, from fruits to abstract, infusing vivid color into each image, bringing new life to old topics. The common thread is that each holds and shares a distinctive attitude and presence. From whimsical cityscapes with rhythmic patterns to lose simple images where the paint and it's texture define the painting.

Using distinctive, strong and vivid colors, the artist invites you into her images in hopes that it will evoke emotion and interaction.

Glen Munholland
Calgary Artist - Glen Munholland
Glen grew up in Southwestern Ontario but has called Calgary home for the last thirty-odd years. He says he has enjoyed drawing still life for as long as he can remember. "The challenge for me" says Glen, " is to use a single hardness of graphite while trying to maintain fidelity to the original "color" image I have in my mind, with an objective towards having the viewer see that same "color" image in the black and white print".

Glen is compiling a set of art, The "Canadiana Series". These limited edition prints will observe different images from each of the Canadian Provinces and Territories. Four drawings are now completed of the eventual twelve that will make up this collection!

Janet Nash
Janet Nash Pen and Ink Artist
Janet Nash has been drawing with pen and ink for over 25 years.
During a drawing class she taught, Janet set up a still life of the items a hockey players uses for a pick up game, or 'shinny', on the closest piece of ice. No one chose to draw this arrangement so when it came time to take it down, Janet decided to sketch it herself.
In the following months she received requests to do similar sketches using sweaters from the NHL Teams, thus, the series was born and her hope is that they will bring back memories to players and fans alike.

Jackie Parkinson
Jackie Parkinson
Canadian pencil artist Jackie Parkinson has had a life long talent with the pencil art medium Her first art commission came when she was in her teens. Today, commissions make up a large part of her art portfolio, When she is not drawing, she starts young horses for clients. She lives with her husband on an acreage north of Cremona. Her artwork is also available at the art gallery near Water Valley.
"Major is a portrait of the famous Quarter Horse Major Bonanza. Owned most of his life by Carol and Andy Rees and for the latter part of his life in partnership with Gordon MacDonald. He has become a household name in the western working horse world. Major passed away in 1997 and this drawing was done to honor him."

Dee Poisson
Dee Poisson Canadian Artist
Dee's abiding love for dogs stems from her childhood memories of growing up on a cattle ranch near Drumheller, Alberta. The dog was a part of the every day routine of cattle work but at the end of the day the dog was a part of the family. Dee remembers many childhood activities that included the ranch German Shepherd, Smokey. On many occasions, Dee would find herself on the front porch running her small hand over the face of her dog, an act that would prove to be invaluable when she became a dog portrait artist later in life.

Stephen Seguin
Stephen Seguin - Canadian Artist
Stephen James S'guin, born 1986 in Etobicoke, Canada.
"I started off in 'story time,' some sort of preschool in which I could draw and paint all I wanted while people would read me stories. This was important for me as I developed an interest in drawing. Soon after, at the age of four, I attended my first year of kindergarten in which I continued in my interests, I would gain confidence as other classmates would praise my accomplishments; the first to successfully write my own name. By senior kindergarten, I was able to draw decipherable pictures.
I intend to attend an arts college someday to gain some official credit of an artist's background and perhaps take up a career in my interest. But for now, I'll just concentrate on finishing high school."

Lorne Sieben
Saskatchewan Pencil Artist Lorne Sieben
"My drawing came by the way of custom knife making. In an effort to beautify my blades I looked to engraving. Drawing designs for engraving slowly introduced me to larger scaled drawing.
Fascination of the beauty and diversity in nature were always one of my top interests. I tend to lean toward wildlife art, but I will be diverse in my art in the future."


"All of my inked drawings, whether colour or black and white, are executed with ball point pen. There are no corrections, whiteouts or erasures on any of the drawing. The Potted Bush, Boat, Tree and King Salmon have been executed on the spot, with zero preparation or study. Basically, they all originated from an arbitrary line that I drew on a blank page, and then I developed the picture from there. That is how I get most of my ideas: I draw a line, and then go from there. Every mark on the paper that is made thereafter relates to the original mark and other marks, and the image then starts to take shape."

Mr. Šmejkal spent most of his life in British Columbia, being inspired by the beautiful West Coast. He spent many years in Chilliwack, enjoying the scenic vistas including Mount Cheam and the Vedder River.

His artwork is available at Crystal Gallery, North Vancouver, BC, 604.986.8224, or through his agent, Marcela Montgomery at

Melanie Springbett
Ontario Artist Melanie Springbett
Melanie Springbett is a versatile professional artist who resides in Barrie, Ontario. She depicts everything from animals to scenery, pets and people.

She loves to do pet portraits. She has always had a family pet and does believe what is said "dogs are man's best friend."

Galleries that have shown her work include Art Gallery of Algoma, Select Art Galleries in Newmarket and Station House Gallery in Echo Bay.

Nicole Viste
Nicole Viste Alberta Artist
Greystone Images is your online source for western/rustic/country style home decor. All products are home-made, many of which can be customized to your preferances. Recycled barnwood is the starting source for most of the home decor items, which range from frames to lamps to coffee tables, as well as many things in between. Also available is the western art of Nicole Viste. In the near future photography will also be added to your choice of home decor items.

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