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Canadian Artists, Watercolors, Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Sculpture

These Canadian artists paint a wide variety of artwork ranging from native art to cowboy art, cartoons, caricatures, art murals, horse portraits to human portraits, Canadian scenery, Nature art, wildlife art, Landscapes and seascapes, the realistic and the imaginary. You might just find that perfect piece of artwork you have been looking for whether it be an original painting, a limited edition giclee or a bronze sculpture! Canada has many talented artists, I hope you enjoy the many we have listed here in our art gallery. Stay tuned as Art In Canada will be creating more artists websites in the near future focusing on artists in each province. The artists listed in this art gallery do exceptional work in watercolors, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pastel art, pencil art, charcoal, bronze sculpture, pottery, and much more! Several artists offer art workshops and art lessons!

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Abstractive Landscapes
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Portraits / Figurative
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Wood / Carving

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Gail Adams
Richard Alm
Diane M. Anderson
Heather Anderson
James Andison
Jennifer Annesley
Jane Appleby
Roger Arndt
The Charlie Russell Artist
Artisan Scientific Works
Rocky Barstad
George E.Bates
Lucy J. Bates
Marian Bax-Slayter
Maurade Baynton
Dave Beckett
Rick Berg
Judy Blake
Sandy Boblin
Maxine Boss
Karoll Dalyce Brinton
Bernie Brown
Richard Brown
Kent Burles
Brian Burness
Gwen Burroughs
John H Burrow
Sarah Carter
Phil Chadwick
Alicia Charlton
Irene Clarke
Ed Cleave
John Cloutier
Ken Cochrane
Gina McDougall-Cohoe
Catherine Compton
Paul Constable
Maria Del Carmen Covelo
Rosemary Lucy Cosentino
Ellen Cowie
Ben Crane
Ann Creer
Heather Crocker
Alan Mark Cross
Jim Cupido
Ken Curley
Guy Dahl
Judy Dahl
Delores Davie
Gilles Delage
Natalie Rostad Desjarlais
Dee Doige
Gary Doll
Eileen Dotzler
Ken Douglas
Sylvia Dumais
Bobbi Dunlop
Ed Eaton
Jonn Einerssen
Margery McBride Elliott
Kay Enns
Duane Erickson
Sonia Farquharson
Lori Fitzgerald
Elaine Fleming
Maureen Flinn
Alex Fong
Sandra Forzani
Nona Foster
Annie Froese
Sylvio Gagnon
Anne Gallant
Loretta Gardiner-Monckton
J Gaudet
Galts Goldsmith
Curtis Golomb
Michelle Grant
Natalie Green
Denis Grosjean
Wendy Grove
Jack Grundle
Jim Gummerson
Patricia Guzm'n
Adeline Halvorson
Lynn Hauer
Brent Heighton
Dean Herbert
Angie Hill
Valerie Hinz
Margaret Holland
Neil Hulley
Vivian Hulley
Kevin Jenne
Jesper S. Jensen
Maryanne Jespersen
Kevin Joyce
Clarence Kapay
Cindy Sorley-Keichinger
Ed Kemp
Pat Kimery
Shirley Kinneberg
Andrew Kiss
Lisa Maxine Kjernisted
Anne Klar
Denyse Klette
Gayle Kohut
Lisa Kozokowsky
Norm Krogstad
Marc LaCaille
Gena LaCoste
Patrick Landes
Shannon Lawlor
Brent Laycock
Doug Levitt
George Likakis
Elisabeth Litto
Bert Liverance
Jack Lockhart
Diana Lockie
Thomas Love
Frances Ann Low
Debbie Lund
Rhonda Lund
Sherren MacLeod
Bernard Major
Sandy Makokis
Don Martin
Barbara Maye
Denis Mayer Jr.
Earl McBeath
Teresa McCallum
Gary McGladdery
Carol Nelson Meleshko
Gil Menzies
Lorne Mertick
Jackie Miller
Courtney Milne
Gordon Milne
Val Moker
Joanne Victoria Moore
Yvette Moore
Glen Munholland
Elaine Munro
Donna Murray
Roberta Murray
Audrey Nanimahoo
Hubert Nanzer
Janet Nash
Roy Nauffts
Marie Neys
Joan Nicol
Catherine O'Byrne
Louise Olinger
Nancy Osadchuk
John Pagé
Wendy Palmer
Reg Parsons
Jackie Parkinson
Ron Pearce
Kim Penner
Bruce H. Perry
Jim Pescott
Tom Phalen
Bill Philpott
Dee Poisson
Norene Procter
Gene Prokop
Marilyn Prophet
Joyce A. Quillian
Dan Reid
Cindy Revell
Jim Robb
Jane Romanishko
Kim W. Rose
Lisa Rotenberg
Lance Russwurm
Ken Ryan
John Salsnek
Thomas Schultz
Stephen Seguin
Tricia Sellmer
Ian Sheldon
Don Sibley
Lorne Sieben
Sharon Strand Sigfuson
Barbara Simpson
Lubos Smejkal
Lynn Soehner
Melanie Springbett
Guy St. Godard
Kerry Stansfield
Linda Stewart
Doug Swinton
Betsy Symons
Edie Szabo
James Tan
Daniel Taylor
Karin Taylor
Trevor Tennant
Marianne Thompson
Peter Thompson
Marilyn Trenchard
Sandra Vasilenko
Kristeen Verge
Nicole Viste
Ada Vostry
Eldon Walls
Jennifer Watier
Richard Wear
Dennis Weber
Al Weitzel
Doug Welykholowa
Robert Westhaver
Lynn Weymark
Diane Williams
Donna Wilson
Bram L. Wolf
Richard Wong
Susan Wuthrich
John Zacharias
Michele Zarb

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Duane Erickson
Duane Erickson Alberta Artist
Artist Duane Erickson was born and raised, and is currently residing in Calgary, Alberta.

He is interested and showed great artistic ability at an early age and won several art contests in Elementary, Junior and Senior High School. Went on to the Alberta College of Art and took 2 years at the University of Calgary.

Doing what he enjoys most, Duane started painting seriously approximately six years ago. Duane describes his work as realistic but strong in color, with enough detail to keep you looking for more in each of his paintings.

Sonia Farquharson
Sonia Farquharson Ontario Artist
My paintings have appeared in the Hamilton Spectator and various local newspapers in Toronto. I now focus on multicultural type drawings that emphasize my African Heritage and racial unity.

I hope my paintings will, some how help people to come together and fight against discrimination in our society.

I was asked to participate in the 1st Annual Black History Month Art Exhibition for the Canadian Human Rights Commission and I've continued with this exhibition for the past 9 years.

The mediums I like to work with are, Coloured Pencils, Conte, Chalk Pastels and Acrylic.

Lori Fitzgerald
Lori Fitzgerald Canadian Artist
Alberta artist Lori Fitzgerald invites you to visit her new Website:

Her illustrations, paintings and sculpture all reflect the influences of a life in the southern Alberta environment.

Whether they are portraits of people, animals, architecture, landscapes, and airplanes or even illustrating on abandoned furniture, Lori's work reflects the place, the people and the world around her.

Elaine Fleming
Elaine Fleming Alberta Artist
"I paint almost daily and receive inspiration by travel, and by working on location wherever I go. Having painted and lived in Canmore for many years, I got a real sense of the majesty of the mountains in all their varied mood and season." This Canadian artist is best known for her mountain scenes, she also travels and paints in many areas, gathering material, sketches and on-site paintings for completion in her studios. Her work is represented in galleries in Western Canada and her mood evoking paintings form part of corporate and private collections in many countries. The Corner Gallery invites you to enjoy a pleasant trip to Canmore and experience the many beautiful sights and amenities in our community.

Maureen Flinn
Maureen Flinn Alberta Artist
From the little town of Dapp came the big-time artist, Maureen Flinn. Maureen Flinn has painted many landscapes, still life, people, and animal portraits.

Maureen is committed to continue studying and finding new inspiration through her studies of many up-coming workshops and travels through Canada and the USA. She is also a member of ACACA- the Alberta Community Art Clubs Association and a member of the Westlock Community Art Club.

Alex Fong
Alex Fong Watercolor Artist
Alex Fong's early artwork reflected a traditional oriental technique. As his talents flourished, Alex Fong developed a personal style that has since become his hallmark. Alex Fong's watercolor paintings are a kaleidoscope of light and colour - a bouquet of wonder and whimsy. The sense of delight that accompanies them, draws the viewer in for a closer look. His translucent, impressionistic watercolor paintings are distinguished by a parade of coloured flecks that he calls "confetti", to represent his celebration of life. The result is an exquisite balance in his watercolor paintings of spontaneity and grace. Though Alex's artistic vision continues to evolve, his watercolor artwork reflects a fresh and youthful outlook.

Sandra Forzani
Sandra Forzani Alberta Artist
Canadian artist Sandra Forzani studied art at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary as well as in Europe during the three years she lived abroad. Since returning home to Canada, she has painted extensively. Canadian artist Sandra Forzani prefers painting with oils on large canvases, transforming her subject matter into larger-than-life images. Her canvasses for the most part are of trees, flowers and fruit. Her subjects vary, but what remains is her dedication and passion for her art. In 1982, Sandra Forzani graduated from Mount Royal College in Interior Design and in 1997 opened her own inner-city art studio. In June of 2000 when she relocated to her Bearspaw country art studio where she currently continues to paint full time.

Nona Foster
Nona Foster Alberta Artist
Nona’s subjects are varied, due to the different locations she has lived and experienced, the people she has met and was inspired and passionate to create from these experiences.

Her art portrays a variety of subjects including western, native and wildlife images. During her research she has kept in mind the preservation of Canada’s wildlife, our National Parks and the beautiful untouched back country.

Nona’s native ancestry ( Cree and Cherokee ) give her inspiration and vision to create and become a part of her art.
Visit Nona Foster at

Annie Froese
Annie Froese -  Alberta Artist
Annie Froese has been painting in the medium of watercolours since her introduction to them in 1988. Over the years she has had the opportunity to study from artists whose work she has been drawn to. She feels fortunate for having found such wonderful mentors; people whose work she continues to respect and whose efforts she admires. Annie finds a continuous source of inspiration from the ever-changing panoramas of Western Alberta. She has had the privilege of living in the foothills of Priddis and Bragg Creek, and now is surrounded by the openness of the prairies. Each setting has a character of its own and Annie enjoys capturing the varied moods of these areas as they undergo the changes that each session brings.

Sylvio Gagnon
Sylvio Gagnon Canadian Artist
His desire to paint surfaced during the seventies. This Canadian artist has worked tenaciously to perfect his technique and allow his talent to find its course, without any formal guidance or coaching. As he met and mingled with professional artists, Sylvio Gagnon found his vocation. He readily admits the influence of the Group of Seven on his pictorial evolution, one that has helped him refine his personal style.

Anne Gallant
Anne Gallant Canadian Artist from PEI
Prince Edward Island is absolutely beautiful, the colours are amazing and this beauty is my inspiration. I grew up on a farm, near the shore so I had the best of both worlds; and that is what I paint: old barns, dories, the PEI coastline and the rolling hills. I dabble a bit in contemporary for fun!

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There are many mediums Canadian Artists use today to express themselves, and to create their unique works of art.

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