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These Portrait artists paint a wide variety of artwork ranging from native art to cowboy art, horse portraits to human portraits. You might just find that perfect piece of western artwork you have been looking for whether it be an original painting, a limited edition giclee or a bronze sculpture! Canada has many talented artists, I hope you enjoy the many we have listed here in our art gallery. Stay tuned as Art In Canada will be creating more artists websites in the near future focusing on artists in each province. The artists listed in this art gallery do exceptional work in watercolors, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pastel art, pencil art, charcoal, bronze sculpture, pottery, and much more! Several artists offer art workshops and art lessons!

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Diane M. Anderson
The Charlie Russell Artist
Maurade Baynton
Breen Bergstrome
Sandy Boblin
Phil Chadwick
Ken Cochrane
Catherine Compton
Paul Constable
Rosemary Lucy Cosentino
Ellen Cowie
Bobbi Dunlop
Gene Prokop
J Gaudet
Michelle Grant
Patricia Guzm'n
Sonia Farquharson
Lori Fitzgerald
Maureen Flinn
Nona Foster
Adeline Halvorson
Angie Hill
Valerie Hinz
Kevin Jenne
Cindy Sorley-Keichinger
Shirley Kinneberg
Denyse Klette
Dee Poisson
Shannon Lawlor
Doug Levitt
Diana Lockie
Thomas Love
Debbie Lund
Bernard Major
Barbara Maye
Carol Nelson Meleshko
Jackie Miller
Gordon Milne
Val Moker
Kim Penner
Tom Phalen
Jane Romanishko
Kim W. Rose
Ken Ryan
Sharon Strand Sigfuson
Barbara Simpson
Melanie Springbett
Stephen Seguin
Daniel Taylor
Marianne Thompson
Nicole Viste
Jennifer Watier
Dennis Weber
Michele Zarb

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Diane M. Anderson
Diane M. Anderson - Canadian Artist
Diane is known for her ability to capture images in bronze, that people from many walks of life can relate to. Whether is be a seniors couple on a swing, a tiny calf experiencing the wonders of being alive or a powerful eagle gracing the skies with its majestic control of the air, Dianes pieces evoke emotions. She believes that in order to relate to something you must first make an emotional connection with it. There are many emotions so their can be many reactions to any given bronze. "That is why it is so much fun to watch people "experiencing" each sculpture when I am at a show." It may be that just looking at a sculpture triggers a memory of days gone by for one and the same sculpture evokes sympathy in the next person. "The best for me as the artist however is when someone says I remember when'..or That's just how Dad did it'''.or That reminds me of a horse I used to have. I just know that this person is going through their memory bank and experiencing something or someone that was special."
Diane attends several art shows every year and has received awards for her work. The one she treasures most is the Artists Choice award for best sculpture at the Calgary Stampede. Being voted that award by her piers she says is the best she could ever hope for.

Anima - Canadian Artist
I love painting people in general but I especially love painting women. I try to capture the soft glow of light from the skin and the way clothing flows around the lines and curves of the female form. My goal is to make the woman look like someone not from this world - a serene and mysterious person who lives apart from the mundane activities and anxieties we face today.

I try to create art that makes the viewer stare and stare - the same way that I stare at the painting while I'm working on it and when it's done. I strive to captivate the user with the beautiful subject, the striking contrasts and the vibrant use of colour.

The Charlie Russell Artist
The Charlie Russell Artist - Portraits by Gary Lowe
In the past, I have derived more pleasure from painting a subject that was personally meaningful to someone else. This is a commissioned painting. Clients have had old photos of deceased family members and pets that they would like to remember. They have discovered that even the advanced digital camera techniques are weak compared to what a good oil painting can do.

As you can see, I have done a great number of different subjects, from portraits , pets,… to scenes in the mountains. Many times hunters wanted an oil painting of a particular area. With the use of their photos, I am able to not only put them into the painting, but also to add a degree of drama and interest in relation to that trip.

Maurade Baynton
Maurade Baynton Canadian Artist
Canadian artist Maurade Baynton uses distinct use of light, soft edges, combined with capturing a mood, an emotion, or a moment in time are some of the qualities that distinguish the art of this Canadian artist. Canadian artist Maurade Baynton uses her artistic energy on animals and people interacting, she tells a story through her own personal experiences with her art subjects. Originating from mutual fascination, the first encounter between child and animal often leads to shared friendship and trust. Canadian artist Maurade Baynton paints animal portraits as well as children portraits. Maurade Baynton takes commissions for her artwork. "My passion is to continue portraying that unique bond that children have with the animal world. My goal is to capture that fleeting moment of innocence before they grow into adulthood."

Breen Bergstrome
Breen Bergstrome BC Artist
Breen's subjects have included indigenous peoples and wildlife, pets, and nature studies. She paints both her own muse and is also open to commission. "My style is realism, although there's only enough detail I deem is necessary for each painting". "I have spent most of my 30-year watercolour career painting images meant primarily as a respite from everyday life and a pause for positive revision. " Breen has substantial experience in watercolour, oils, pen & ink, Multi-medium installations, illustration and design, and has completed 12 large outdoor Murals both historic and contemporary. In her career, Breen has completed a large portfolio of Fine Art Watercolours and Oil paintings.
Breen is now offering high-quality giclee reproductions of selected works.
Breen has been an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC) based in Toronto, Ontario since 2006, and an active member of The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), Vancouver, B.C. since 2002.

Sandy Boblin
Maxine's Dog By Sandy Boblin - Alberta Artist
In April of 2009 I was given the gift of life. My hiking partner and I were involved in a back-country avalanche accident. I received a lower leg injury which I am still healing from. I now feel not only blessed to be alive, but to have been given the opportunity to draw and pursue my dream of being an artist! I have now formed my company known as 'EMINART'. The 'Eminence' of your animal 'In Art." Sandy Boblin, a self taught graphite artist from Alberta is taking commissions of animals and it gives me great pleasure to produce work that portrays animals in Art. I am also expanding my talents to do commissioned scenery work.

Phil Chadwick
By Ontario Artist Phil Chadwick
Phil has always been an artist. His artworks are depictions of personal experiences. They hang in many private and corporate collections around the world. Several magazines and calendars have used his work. All of Phil's work is included in the "Chadwick Art House CD" from the first day of study with Mario Airomi, a famous Italian/Canadian artist, right up to the present. Trends in style, subject matter and technique are all included with nothing is left out. Most of Phil's work is now "en plein air" although he still does some studio and portrait work.

An avid canoeist, Phil believes that a fully equipped paradise needs only a quiet back lake, a canoe, art supplies and a fishing rod. Born in the Thousand Island Region of Ontario, Phil has traveled the width and breadth of Canada before settling in southern Ontario with his family. He and his family continue to find little pieces of paradise everywhere in Canada!

Ken Cochrane
By Canadian Artist Ken Cochrane
Ken feels deeply for what he calls the "gems of the west" by which he means the mountain and marine landscapes its wildlife and the ranching lifestyle. He took to expressing in paint the wonders of his experiences some thirty years ago. As his experience is wide, so his artistic genre is multi-faceted. The knowledge he has acquired throughout his life's experience is inherent in his art.
Ken paints full time and is an "active" member of the federation of Canadian artists. He has been awarded all top three placings including first place at the annual GOABC (Guide Outfitters Association of BC) Wildlife Art Competition, Victoria BC over the past six years and was accepted into the prestigious Calgary Stampede in 2005.

Catherine Compton
Pet Portraits by Catherine Compton
As an artist living and working in Kelowna, B.C., surrounded by some spectacular scenery, there is no shortage of subjects to paint; but a gift to a family member started me down the pet portrait road and I have not looked back.
There are huge numbers of pet lovers, "owned" by their furry and feathered friends, who truly cherish these companions. My greatest challenge is to capture that special expression or pose forever on canvas, as a keepsake or to be given as a wonderful gift.
We never disappoint and your satisfaction is our goal.

Paul Constable
Paul Constable Canadian Artist
Paul Constable is a Canadian artist from Saskatchewan. His work varies in subject from figurative to landscape, often with a theme in mind. Rich oil paintings convey a unique view of land as a flowing, moving body similar to the ocean. His Rock Island series drew inspiration from rocks that farmers pick off their fields and then pile up in one place to form an "island" in the middle of the field. The only landmark for miles under the prairie sky, Constable paints them during different times of the day and seasons. He also explores a West Coast theme, and his figurative themes include the farmers market and the winter carnival in Saskatoon, exploring a sense of community on the prairies through the seasons. Constable studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design and presently lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Rosemary Lucy Cosentino
Rosemary Lucy Cosentino
To further my originality in my artworks, I work with vibrant pigments using self-taught, heavily researched old Master techniques and formulas to create my very own style and color palette. The most evident substance of my work are the figures and their environments, therefore scale and composition are crucial in the thought process and primary sketch works. I feel that being able to relate to my work not just in the physicality but also in the mental and spiritual aspect, is a small step towards finding myself always throughout my work. In this way, I feel that my work is unique and personalized. I believe that my choices of colors, rendition of style, scale, composition and so forth are all carefully thought out to fit and suit the subject matter. My tendency to be spontaneous about changes in the process, adds to the uniqueness and results of the work.

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