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Quebec Artists, Watercolors, Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Sculpture

These Quebec artists paint a wide variety of artwork ranging from native art to cowboy art, cartoons, caricatures, art murals, horse portraits to human portraits, Canadian scenery, Nature art, wildlife art, Landscapes and seascapes, the realistic and the imaginary. You might just find that perfect piece of artwork you have been looking for whether it be an original painting, a limited edition giclee or a bronze sculpture! Canada has many talented artists, I hope you enjoy the many we have listed here in our art gallery. Stay tuned as Art In Canada will be creating more artists websites in the near future focusing on artists in each province. The artists listed in this art gallery do exceptional work in watercolors, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pastel art, pencil art, charcoal, bronze sculpture, pottery, and much more! Several artists offer art workshops and art lessons!

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Irene Clark
Rosemary Lucy Cosentino
Gilles Delage
Kevin Jenne
Elaine Munro


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Irene Clarke
Artist Irene Clarke
I have a wide variety of interest but always come back to the Paintbrush. My paintings are mostly imaginary unless I am doing a commissioned work. I take a lot of photographs and look for scenes that are silently sitting there wanting someone to discover them. I might start my painting from something in a photograph or an idea but from there on the painting creates itself. You may, find a wild animal roaming about in my paintings.
I really enjoy creating my own scenes from my imagination, allowing me to modify my painting as I desire as opposed to painting from a picture. This lateral shift has further sparked my creativity and I hope to create more imaginary scenes and expand my skill with animals.

Rosemary Lucy Cosentino
Rosemary Lucy Cosentino
To further my originality in my artworks, I work with vibrant pigments using self-taught, heavily researched old Master techniques and formulas to create my very own style and color palette. The most evident substance of my work are the figures and their environments, therefore scale and composition are crucial in the thought process and primary sketch works. I feel that being able to relate to my work not just in the physicality but also in the mental and spiritual aspect, is a small step towards finding myself always throughout my work. In this way, I feel that my work is unique and personalized. I believe that my choices of colors, rendition of style, scale, composition and so forth are all carefully thought out to fit and suit the subject matter. My tendency to be spontaneous about changes in the process, adds to the uniqueness and results of the work.

Gilles Delage
Gilles Delage Canadian Artist - Nature and Wildlife Art
His Canadian landscape paintings depict moments in his life and travels. His passion for animals has him painting original wildlife art, dog paintings, horse portraits, as well, he has written a book to help other artists paint tigers.

Gilles Delage has original oil paintings for sale, as well as giclee on canvas prints and art cards. Please go to his gallery to see all of his art and to purchase online. You can now order framed prints, prints, stretched canvas prints, and more. The oilpaintings really represent what Gilles feels about life today.

"Life has so much to give, and I feel this is a way that I can give back. I have started to sell prints of my oilpaintings. Simply it is a great way for me to fund, and to continue what I love to do paint, so please if you can help me to promote my artwork, please do."

Kevin Jenne
Kevin Jenne - Montreal Artist
A huge appeal to his work lies in his impressionistic style and the variety of his subject matters. His inspirations are derived from his many expeditions (France, Hong Kong, Singapore') The core of this work is based on his love of his adopted city Montreal where he presently works and lives, with its European inspired architecture and also its vast artistic elements (Cirque du Soleil, Montreal Jazz Festival, and many Dance companies). It's a city with an infectious 'joie de vivre', with a tapestry of cultures all living together - enjoying life, food and wine ' 'colours of life'. In Jenn''s paintings the figures are essential; they interact telling stories through their body language, becoming symbols representing his life. The figures are painted without facial features creating the illusion of ambiguity and timelessness. His paintings are infused with an inner glow and luminosity that gives each piece a life of its own. He uses intense colours to elicit an emotional response and stir passion in those who view his work.

Elaine Munro
Quebec Artist - Elaine Munro
My early years were spent living on a farm in the Laurentians, in Eastern Canada. Life on the farm was filled with so many beautiful subjects; wildlife, domestic animals, flowers, buildings that tell a story, a walk in the fields, or woodlands.
When I start a piece of artwork, I never know exactly where it will take me. What I have in mind always seems to change through the course of playing with the subject, especially watercolour because of its nature to come alive with bursts of beauty. What I see in my vision translates into what I see and how I see it, but my aim is to capture the subject as true to reality as possible, which is classic realism.


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