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These Wildlife artists paint a wide variety of artwork ranging from native art to cowboy art, horse portraits to human portraits. You might just find that perfect piece of western artwork you have been looking for whether it be an original painting, a limited edition giclee or a bronze sculpture! Canada has many talented artists, I hope you enjoy the many we have listed here in our art gallery. Stay tuned as Art In Canada will be creating more artists websites in the near future focusing on artists in each province. The artists listed in this art gallery do exceptional work in watercolors, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pastel art, pencil art, charcoal, bronze sculpture, pottery, and much more! Several artists offer art workshops and art lessons!

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Gail Adams
The Charlie Russell Artist
Maurade Baynton
Breen Bergstrome
Judy Blake
Alicia Charlton
Irene Clarke
Ken Cochrane
Marnie Collins
Delores Davie
Gilles Delage
Eileen Dotzler
Duane Erickson
Nona Foster
J Gaudet
Natalie Green
Jack Grundle
Neil Hulley
Cindy Sorley-Keichinger
Ed Kemp
Andrew Kiss
Gayle Kohut
Denis Mayer Jr.
Earl McBeath
Gary McGladdery
Gil Menzies
Elaine Munro
Audrey Nanimahoo
Roy Nauffs
Wendy Palmer
Reg Parsons
Ron Pearce
Jane Romanishko
John Salsnek
Thomas Schultz
Lubos Smejkal
Melanie Springbett
Karin Taylor
Trevor Tennant
Jennifer Watier
Richard Wear
Al Weitzel
Lynn Weymark
Donna Wilson
Richard Wong
Susan Wuthrich

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Gail Adams
Gail Adams Pastel Artist
Canadian artist Gail Adams has always supported and encouraged the youth of today. Gail as a former member of the Prairieland Exhibition Fine Art Committee, as well as a current member of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Artist Association which has been very instrumental in the high quality and number of submissions for these two outstanding art competitions. Gail not only actively supports these art competitions, but through her donations continues to support youth and various wildlife organizations throughout North America.  Gail has had many successes due to her commitment and personal dedication towards her art. She is thankful for the God given talent which has allowed her to realize the fulfillment one achieves when able to work with one's own passion.  Gail has resided for the past 20 years in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, along with her husband Dave, their 2 children Darren and Leanne, and most recently with her granddaughter Payge. Due to these aspects in Gail's life..... we find her very much enjoying her life as a Saskatoon artist.

The Charlie Russell Artist
The Charlie Russell Artist - Gary Lowe
As a western history fan, I am very familiar with Charlie Russell’s life and times.
As I reflected on Charlie Russell and his wife Nancy (Mame), my interest was aroused to paint episodes from their lives and especially events in Charlie Russell's life that struck a chord with my own mountain and horse experiences in the northern Rockies. This is something that I could paint with a degree of passion and personal interest.
So here I am at seventy three dedicating art to Charlie Russell and his wife. I especially want to emphasize the importance she played in his career. In my opinion, she is the unsung hero and Charlie Russell would agree with me.

Maurade Baynton
Maurade Baynton Canadian Artist
Canadian artist Maurade Baynton uses distinct use of light, soft edges, combined with capturing a mood, an emotion, or a moment in time are some of the qualities that distinguish the art of this Canadian artist. Canadian artist Maurade Baynton uses her artistic energy on animals and people interacting, she tells a story through her own personal experiences with her art subjects. Originating from mutual fascination, the first encounter between child and animal often leads to shared friendship and trust. Canadian artist Maurade Baynton paints animal portraits as well as children portraits. Maurade Baynton takes commissions for her artwork. "My passion is to continue portraying that unique bond that children have with the animal world. My goal is to capture that fleeting moment of innocence before they grow into adulthood."

Breen Bergstrome
Breen Bergstrome BC Artist
Breen's subjects have included indigenous peoples and wildlife, pets, and nature studies. She paints both her own muse and is also open to commission. "My style is realism, although there's only enough detail I deem is necessary for each painting". "I have spent most of my 30-year watercolour career painting images meant primarily as a respite from everyday life and a pause for positive revision. " Breen has substantial experience in watercolour, oils, pen & ink, Multi-medium installations, illustration and design, and has completed 12 large outdoor Murals both historic and contemporary. In her career, Breen has completed a large portfolio of Fine Art Watercolours and Oil paintings.
Breen is now offering high-quality giclee reproductions of selected works.
Breen has been an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC) based in Toronto, Ontario since 2006, and an active member of The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), Vancouver, B.C. since 2002.

Judy Blake
Judy Blake BC Artist
Judy has recently discovered that the intricate detail in scratchboard art appeals to her, as well as the rich colour of acrylic. Hence, scratchboard and acrylic art are the mediums through which Judy now chooses to exhibit her love of western and wildlife themes. A self-taught artist in scratchboard art and acrylics, Judy finds that the "western" way of life appeals to her artistan's thirst for capturing in scratchboard art and acrylic a sense of hard work and fierce determination. The dramatist in Judy finds fulfillment in the starkness and simplicity of scratchboard and acrylic paintings; a medium which vividly portrays the intensity in wildlife, and the inherent adventure in western motifs. Whether it be the challenge of capturing the wild expression in a cougar's eyes, or the loving gaze of a beloved pet; or revealing the pride in the face of a cowboy, Judy finds joy and fulfillment in bringing these emotions to life.

Alicia Charlton
Alicia Charlton Stone Carvings
"I love the concept of taking an inanimate object and uncovering this life and movement that defies its exterior, releasing the potential of the space within."

In each piece I strive to convey three motions, not just moments.
We tend to view pieces of art, and especially carvings as one precise moment, frozen in time.
But what brought that exact moment to pass and what will the anticipated result be??

The subjects of my pieces have a history that brought them to this moment in time and will continue past it. So does the stone I use. It, in itself, has a life that continues beyond my work.

Irene Clarke
Artist Irene Clarke
I have a wide variety of interest but always come back to the Paintbrush. My paintings are mostly imaginary unless I am doing a commissioned work. I take a lot of photographs and look for scenes that are silently sitting there wanting someone to discover them. I might start my painting from something in a photograph or an idea but from there on the painting creates itself. You may, find a wild animal roaming about in my paintings.
I really enjoy creating my own scenes from my imagination, allowing me to modify my painting as I desire as opposed to painting from a picture. This lateral shift has further sparked my creativity and I hope to create more imaginary scenes and expand my skill with animals.

Ken Cochrane
By Canadian Artist Ken Cochrane
Ken feels deeply for what he calls the "gems of the west" by which he means the mountain and marine landscapes its wildlife and the ranching lifestyle. He took to expressing in paint the wonders of his experiences some thirty years ago. As his experience is wide, so his artistic genre is multi-faceted. The knowledge he has acquired throughout his life's experience is inherent in his art.
Ken paints full time and is an "active" member of the federation of Canadian artists. He has been awarded all top three placings including first place at the annual GOABC (Guide Outfitters Association of BC) Wildlife Art Competition, Victoria BC over the past six years and was accepted into the prestigious Calgary Stampede in 2005.

Marnie Collins
Mount Rundle with Canada geese - By Canadian Artist Marnie Collins
Marnie's love of Canadian landscape was fostered from an early age by the majestic mountains, rivers and lakes of Quebec. She was born in Montreal and spent some of her favourite times in the Laurentians with her sisters and brother. Her formal education in art and teaching was centered on colleges in Lancashire, England, the University of London, and Europe's greatest galleries.
Marnie's acrylic artworks feature a variety of subject matter; floral landscapes, children, wildlife, and scenes of Canadian heritage. She is noted for her strong sense of colour and attention to detail.
You can contact Marnie directly through email.

Gilles Delage
Gilles Delage Canadian Artist - Tigar Painting
His Canadian landscape paintings depict moments in his life and travels. His passion for animals has him painting original wildlife art, dog paintings, horse portraits, as well, he has written a book to help other artists paint tigers.

Gilles Delage has original oil paintings for sale, as well as giclee on canvas prints and art cards. Please go to his gallery to see all of his art and to purchase online. You can now order framed prints, prints, stretched canvas prints, and more. The oilpaintings really represent what Gilles feels about life today.

"Life has so much to give, and I feel this is a way that I can give back. I have started to sell prints of my oilpaintings. Simply it is a great way for me to fund, and to continue what I love to do paint, so please if you can help me to promote my artwork, please do."

Delores Davie
Delores Davie Canadian Artist
When I first started to paint I greatly admired paintings by Robert McVitty a marine artist, personally knowing him and being raised on the water front influenced me a lot here, but the artists that influenced me the most were Robert Bateman and Carl Brenders. I have done commission work and have had a lot of "showings", but the more I painted the deeper emotions inside of me led me to follow my heart and to paint mainly Portraits and Wildlife. I like to paint realism, the feelings that I have for nature and people comes out in the detailed work that I do. Nature is intended to be natural and beautiful so I try to capture them in my art works, to make them as realistic as I can.

Eileen Dotzler
Eileen Dotzler Alberta Wildlife Artist
I usually work in acrylics on canvas, but have recently discovered Fresco (painting done on plaster) .The technique is Fresco "Secco" or dry Fresco ,like Leonardo Da Vinci used on the" Last Supper". All fresco can be hung as they are or mounted on a frame (please inquire ,a handmade frame is available on request). I find the Fresco to add greater depth and transparency to the acrylics ,I also like the surface flaws which add character to the work, giving it that just pulled off the wall feeling. I am inspired by light and the play of light on subjects. I usually paint animals and nature but occasionally, paint people and do pencil drawings of pets.

Duane Erickson
Duane Erickson Alberta Artist
Artist Duane Erickson was born and raised, and is currently residing in Calgary, Alberta.

He is interested and showed great artistic ability at an early age and won several art contests in Elementary, Junior and Senior High School. Went on to the Alberta College of Art and took 2 years at the University of Calgary.

Doing what he enjoys most, Duane started painting seriously approximately six years ago. Duane describes his work as realistic but strong in color, with enough detail to keep you looking for more in each of his paintings.

Nona Foster
Nona Foster Alberta Artist
Nona’s subjects are varied, due to the different locations she has lived and experienced, the people she has met and was inspired and passionate to create from these experiences.

Her art portrays a variety of subjects including western, native and wildlife images. During her research she has kept in mind the preservation of Canada’s wildlife, our National Parks and the beautiful untouched back country.

Nona’s native ancestry ( Cree and Cherokee ) give her inspiration and vision to create and become a part of her art.
Visit Nona Foster at

J Gaudet
J Gaudet Canadian Artist
Canadian Artist; Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet was born and raised in the small farming community of St-Denis, Saskatchewan.

Escaping the hectic city life of Vancouver, British Columbia she and her husband Emile returned to Saskatchewan where they have made it their home. Here she has settled and is now able to create what she loves, beautiful art.

Her paintings have received awards, and she has been the selected artist for People's Choice Awards at many shows. Her art hangs in various private collections in Canada, US and Europe.

J Gaudet is focusing her fine art abilities on her passion for orchids and children's portraits.

Jack Grundle
Jack Grundle Canadian Artist
Canadian Artist Jack Grundle, "After art school, I spent time as an artist for the B.C. Electric Company, then some free-lance time as a commercial artist, then eventually wound up as art director and creative director at the Vancouver office of Canada's largest advertising agency. I finally tired of the commercial end, and started up a wildlife magazine. For some years, as well as being the publisher and editor, I made time to do cover paintings and story illustrations. I thoroughly enjoyed this period. Now the things I had been avidly learning in the past few years became a way of making a living, and I began painting and selling original wildlife studies. During this time I created about 30 paintings each year and sold virtually all of them. This was achieved through one-man shows, commissions, and even walk-ins. I also sold paintings to various corporations and the B.C. Government."

Natalie Green
Natalie Green Wildlife Artist
Natalie Green has a number of her paintings available as limited edition prints, some of which have made their way to Germany and England. She also does commissions, usually of a favorite pet.
She is currently a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, BC Wildlife Federation, and Ducks Unlimited, planning on becoming involved with their conservation efforts. She donates her work to each of their fundraisers, and to fundraisers of such organizations such as the PARDS Therapeutic Riding Association, the Alberta Conservation Association, and the Creston Wildlife Center. She is currently discussing future donations to the Mountainview Breeding and Conservation Center in Fort Langley, BC.

Neil Hulley
Neil Hulley Canadian Artist
Canadian artist Neil Hulley started out as a farmer and it was there that he developed his love of animals, nature and the rural lifestyle of bygone days. In 1979 he left the land of his birth and immigrated to Canada where he has made this beautiful land his home. Since his arrival here, Neil Hulley is fast becoming known as a Canadian Artist. His work has been well received throughout Canada and is now represented in many corporate and private art collections across the globe. Neil now paints in acrylic and watercolors in his own unique art style, capturing realism with a subtle focus on detail. His subject matters for paintings range from the Rocky Mountains, to the Prairies, and the animals involved. Through his painting, Neil strives to pay tribute to the horse as he feels we will always be very indebted to that worthy animal. Although in itself not the bravest, this faithful steed has helped man in wars, in conquering the West and in ranching and farming. African and Canadian wildlife also feature in his work.

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