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Gary W. Doll

Gary Doll
Art Biography

Born in Southampton Canada in 1949, I have been a self-taught artist since 1975, mostly being influenced by Tom Thomson / Group of Seven, Vincent Van Gogh, and the Impressionist with Claude Monet. Traveling with my lovely wife Annette to many countries in Europe and Asia, I have had the opportunity to not only enjoy these wonderful countries, but also to use many photos and sketches as reference material for my art. In 2010 we were fortunate to travel to France again, and spent a splendid month dedicated to visiting the best art galleries in Paris, and southern France.

Each year the Kelowna ,BC Art Gallery, has a’ Members Show’, and last year’s show with the theme “Path to Abstraction, I entered a oil painting piece called ‘Canadian Wheat Fields. 2011’ Following is the works description:

On the ‘Path to Abstraction’
Such a kaleidoscope of colours
Drew me into this painting.
To do ‘not’ what is known before

On the ‘Path to Abstraction’
Intertwining realism with abstraction
Merging a hue of renaissance gold,
Open brush strokes with square spaces.

On the ‘Path to Abstraction’
Bringing wheat to the sky,
Completing completion,
Variance for the eye.

This year the Gallery’s theme is Mapping, on which a piece called ‘Ancient Maps of the Nazca 2012’ has been entered.
The show runs from November 23, 2012 to January 5, 2013

Mapping lines,
Free flow thought,
View of the Nazca
Are they maps or naught?

Running deep through the plains,
Running far and wide
Strange lines of Peru,
Lines from side to side.

Still visable after all this time,
Marks of lines upon lines,
Going for miles upon miles,
Slow, stop, to turning signs

Experession, Mapping Maps,
Free flow thought
Lines of the Nazca
Answers to be sought

Questions upon questions,
Answer upon stone,
For the truth to be known,
By the Nazca alone.
G.Doll – October, 2012

Eiffel Night - By Artist Gary Doll
Ancient lines Nazca Peru - By Artist Gary Doll

Eiffel Night - By Artist Gary Doll
Mountain Flowers - By Artist Gary Doll
Templar Entrance - By Artist Gary Doll
Canadian Wheat Fields - By Artist Gary Doll

Kelowna from Knox Mt. - By Artist Gary Doll
Kalamalka Lake Oyama BC - By Artist Gary Doll
Mrs. Franks Flower Garden - By Artist Gary Doll
Three Sisters Mountain - By Artist Gary Doll

Upper Bench - By Artist Gary Doll
Le Vieux Cafe Pont du Gard - By Artist Gary Doll
Selkirk Mts - By Artist Gary Doll
Slocan Fall - By Artist Gary Doll

Fall in the Rockies - By Artist Gary Doll
Burnaby Mt. - By Artist Gary Doll
Roseberry - By Artist Gary Doll
Day End - By Artist Gary Doll

Slocan Lake South - By Artist Gary Doll
Haystack Rock - 2004 - By Artist Gary Doll
Slocan Lake - By Artist Gary Doll
Roman Acuaduct - By Artist Gary Doll

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Gary Doll
Phone: 250-317-4256

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