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John Pagé SCA

Canadian Artist John Pagé
Canadian Artist
John Pagé


I tend to describe myself as a generalist in that I enjoy painting the major disciplines, portraits, still-lifes, nudes and landscapes.

Looking back on my body of work up to this moment , the majority of my work has been landscapes. Landscapes have a great appeal to me because of my love for the natural world. Nature in all it's wonders is an infinite source of inspiration.

When choosing subject's, panoramic views with the mountains in the background and a lake in the foreground has little appeal to me. Panoramics, from my perspective keep the viewer at a distance. My intent as a painter is to give the viewer a more intimate look at nature. Ideally I try to put the viewer into the scene and point out a slice of nature that they may not have noticed.

As much as I enjoy painting landscapes, I also take great pleasure from painting portraits and nudes. From the perspective of a painter rendering skin has an allure all it's own. Catching that elusive expression or feeling is a great challenge with equally great rewards.

I also enjoy the technicality of painting still-lifes. Making paint on canvas look like metal, cloth or glass etc. is simply a lot of fun.

Over the years I have displayed my work at galleries in and around the Kitchener, Guelph area and most recently on Yorkville Ave. in Toronto.

Renoir once said the greatest compliment one can pay an artist is to purchase their work. In that regard I feel blessed that my work has been accepted by the public. The accolades I cherish the most up to this moment however is my acceptance into the Society of Canadian Artists and a compliment paid to my work by a 9 year old. The latter took place at a show in Kitchener and the work in question was of a small stream. Depicted in the painting was a close up of rocks, reeds and water that one would typically see in numerous streams across Ontario. The lady who purchased the work had a young niece who was so taken with the piece that she had her Aunt promise to leave it to her in the Aunt's will. I can't imagine a greater compliment.

Falls Beginning - By Landscape Artist John Pagé
Hiding Place - By Landscape Artist John Pagé
Forest Footpath - By Landscape Artist John Pagé
Long Branches - By Landscape Artist John Pagé
McEllistrums Land - By Landscape Artist John Pagé
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John Pagé SCA
Guelph, Ontario

Phone: (519) 829-2537

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