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Kent Burles

Canadian Artist - Kent Burles
Kent Burles


I was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1955 moving at the age of nine to Montreal. From filling every available page with doodles at the age of two, my parents shared encouraging words and enrolled me in Art classes at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. I'll never forget the image of the aged Arthur Lismer visiting our class! My interest in art lead me to complete my Art History degree at McGill University.

A desire for further training in a more practical way motivated me to move to Toronto in 1979 where another chapter in my artistic life began. I completed the Illustration program at Sheridan College in Brampton, Ontario. I studied under such instructors as Harold Feist, Lilian Lampert and Frank Neufeld. I was also greatly influenced by program director, John Wood, whose caustic and humourous critiques, coupled with the deep spirituality present in his work remain an influence to this day.

 The Young Are Always Fleet - By Canadian Artist Kent Burles My love of the comic and fantasy genre naturally lead me to work in the comic and role playing game industries. I was involved in creating a series of Planet of the Apes comic books with Malibu Comics as well as a series called the Adventurers. My work can be be found in many role playing games by Fasa, Steve Jackson, White Wolf and recently Palladium Books, such as Anvil Galaxy and Rifts.

Aside from my work for these companies, I continue to express my love of the comic and super hero world as a guest artist at local comic book conventions. There I sell pages from past publications and accept commisions to create images of the patron's favourite super heroes or role playing characters.

My most recent creations originate partially from my family heritage. My grandfather crossed the border from Montana and settled in southern Alberta near Pincher Creek where third generation Burles still run the ranch. We've moved from that world of one century ago when my grandfather arrived in a covered wagon, to waking on a late August morning covered in snow, to our modern world of super sonic transport and the internet, yet my heart reaches out to touch that long vanished time and place.

Common in all my work, is a love of costume, regalia, extraordinary faces and the souls behind those faces. The pages displayed here illustrate my love of visual storytelling and my fascination with the mystery of past realities. The lives of every human being are shot through with the possiblities and limitations that those past realities imply. I can only hope that I can express even a portion of what that might mean.

Without the help of my wife, Carolyn, not only my artistic life, but every aspect of my life would only be shadow of what it is now. I have been blessed to be able to express my creativity in my home studio in Burlington, Ontario where I have also been 'Mr. Mom' to my son Regan and daughter Kayla. In my "spare" time I coach both their baseball teams.

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Those of Keen Sight - By Canadian Artist Kent Burles
We Walk Different Roads - By Canadian Artist Kent Burles
Will They Follow - By Canadian Artist Kent Burles
Wisdom of Age - By Canadian Artist Kent Burles
In Full Regalia - By Canadian Artist Kent Burles
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Kent Burles
Burlington, Ontario
Phone: (905) 681-6495

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