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Fine Art by Kristeen Verge
Visual Artist - 1950-2009

"Your art was inspirational, your gift will carry on. You will be remembered with great fondness." ~ Lynda Baxter

Floral Art by Kristeen Verge
Floral Art
By Kristeen Verge


Colours, brushes, canvases''..and I'm in timelessness; free to express my passion. The rich reds, purples, yellows and greens mingle to create semi-abstract bold and uplifting fine art. As a professional artist, my intention is to impart the viewer with artwork that will make ones heart sing! KVerge

A Vancouver Island artist, Kristeen Verge holds a B.A. in Graphic Arts and Illustration from Laval University. Her art-filled career includes: watercolour, oils, graphic design, porcelain painting and presently acrylic fine art.

She participates in shows across Canada since1975. As an acrylic painter, Kristeen is an Active member of the FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists). Her solo and collective shows include Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Seattle. She is represented in Galleries in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Victoria, Qualicum, Chemainus and her Nanaimo "Window Gallery" at 17 Church St. in the Art District. Her artwork travels'owned by private collectors all over North America and abroad.

Kristeen's passion for life transpires through her fine art. On canvas, she uses saturated acrylic colours to interpret mostly flowers in a rich and voluptuous semi-abstract style. Her artwork is inspired by music and gardening memories. Her expression is distinct, bold and uplifting. As her collectors report: "Owning Verge's paintings keep a smile in our hearts."

Most week days Kristeen paints in her Light-filled "Upstairs" Studio/Gallery in at 223 Commercial Street, in Nanaimo BC.

Kristeen Verge may be reached
at (604) 922-8988 or at:

To view more of Kristeen Verge's artwork, please go to her website!

Fine Art
Passion Poppies By Floral Artist Kristeen Verge
Tulip Lovers By Floral Artist Kristeen Verge
Elation By Floral Artist Kristeen Verge
Laugh and Play By Floral Artist Kristeen Verge
Romneya By Floral Artist Kristeen Verge

Generous By Floral Artist Kristeen Verge
Tree Consciousness By Floral Artist Kristeen Verge
Phoenix By Floral Artist Kristeen Verge
Pleasantly Plump By Floral Artist Kristeen Verge
Sky Tulips By Floral Artist Kristeen Verge
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Kristeen Verge Studio/Gallery
1437A Clyde Ave West Vancouver
British Columbia

Phone: (604) 922-8988
E-mail: Website:

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