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Lisa Rotenberg

Canadian Artist Lisa Rotenberg
Canadian Artist
Lisa Rotenberg


"It's one thing to paint it, it's a whole other thing to get someone to pay for it"

Back at the Ontario College of Art and Design in the early 80's, when I graduated, an instructor commented, "Lisa - your stuff is so damn marketable!". I did not even paint back then. I graduated in 1983 in the graphic design department and what followed was a great 10 year career in some of Toronto's hottest design firms.

Package design, corporate communications, writing for business. We pioneered some of the best computer technology applied to design today on Macintosh and other computers, some the size of a large room, others the size of a brief case. However, it came down to the essence of creativity: garbage in- garbage out. A great idea with a pencil on a napkin at Wendy's beats a crappy idea with a million gig Mac any day of the week.

In 1995 I was laid off twice as an Account Director at 2 design firms. I had taken up painting in the evenings as a creative outlet to burn off the steam building up during the day. Turned out I wasn't bad at it. Using my design skills and conceptual thinking, I added in the skills I picked up as an account director and started selling my work. I found a niche market in the world of folk art, where you can get away with being funny, untrained and immature. I was three for three.

Several group shows later and with some success, I took a gallery space on Yonge street in Toronto with another folk art dealer. This became my studio and the well healed hair dresser clients downstairs proved to be a steady audience. Coming up with some innovative marketing ideas turned out to be second nature to me, such as latching on to the silent auction circuit for black tie charity events. The wealthy, idle women who ran these functions fell in love with the work. The second place bidders commissioned work.

Secondary projects have also been successful for me, such as the publishing of a children's book Rodeo Pup, by Doubleday (see, 4 Moose in the City, and corporate commissions including a Laura Secord Christmas Tin. Companies license my work for shirts, cards and other items.

Having the attention span of a flea, I seem to change careers every 4 years or so. In 2001, I became interested in antique silver and selling on eBay. Hitting the auction trail around Ontario and with the help of some very special mentors, I became a successful Power Seller on eBay and an expert in that venue. In 2005, the silver market petered out and the dollar was getting weaker. I began painting again, adding the use of the internet to my business model.

Recent projects include a large painting for the Toronto Fire Department, two paintings for the Maple Leaf Foods CEO boardroom. A full selling season is planned, with several retail outlets in Toronto.

National Ballet of Canada, Enoch Turner Schoolhouse, solo exhibition, Arts on King, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (2x), Plaid Tidings, Branksome Hall, Deck the Halls, Bishop Strachan, One Night Stand, OSPCA, Just One Night, Providence Center Foundation, Liss Gallery, Jewish Exhibition for Shanghai, Monkey Bar & Grill, Starbucks, Solferino, Junction Arts Festival

Corporate Commissions
Laura Secord Christmas Tin Program, Bell ExpressVu 500,000 Customer Painting, poster. Christmas Cards, Children's Aid Foundation, Toronto (2x), Map, Hiking Guide for Ontario, Map, Hiker Mike's Guide, Lindquist Avey McDonald Baskerville 5th Year Anniversary Painting, Maple Leaf Foods, CEO Boardroom, Baycrest Centre, Holiday Cards
Toronto Firefighters, Station 423, Pam's Tea & Coffee Co.

National Gallery of Canada, Listed Artist, Stock Illustration Source, New York, Pollikers, Ontario, Legacy Sportswear, Toronto

To view more of Lisa's artwork, please go to her website!

First Canadian Fire Truck - By Canadian Artist Lisa Rotenberg
Horse Hockey - By Canadian Artist Lisa Rotenberg
Orient Express - By Canadian Artist Lisa Rotenberg

First Canadian Limousine - By Canadian Artist Lisa Rotenberg
Medicine Hat Alberta - By Canadian Artist Lisa Rotenberg
Flying Carpet - By Canadian Artist Lisa Rotenberg
Just One Night - By Canadian Artist Lisa Rotenberg

Bank of Nova Scotia - By Canadian Artist Lisa Rotenberg
Forbidden Fruit - By Canadian Artist Lisa Rotenberg
North Pole - By Canadian Artist Lisa Rotenberg
Best in Show - By Canadian Artist Lisa Rotenberg
Half Cocked - By Canadian Artist Lisa Rotenberg
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Lisa Rotenberg
Office/Studio in Toronto:
128 Vine Avenue
Toronto Ontario Canada M6P 1V7

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