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Lorne Mertick

Cribbage Boards - Custom Cribbage Boards by Lorne Mertick
Custom Cribbage Boards
By Lorne Mertick


I made my first cribbage board for my grandfather when I was seventeen. It was a high school shop project, a pine table with mahogany trim. I can fondly remember my relatives playing spirited games on this piece. I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan; perhaps the cold prairie winters helped me to develop a true love of the game of cribbage. That enjoyment has led to my current interest in producing custom hand-carved wooden cribbage boards.

I have lived in Calgary, Alberta for over twenty years. The western influence shows itself in most of my pieces. Cowboy boots, guitars, log cabins, horses and horseshoes -- there are endless possibilities. In addition to the western-themed boards, I also produce a distinctive line of abstract pieces -- some have bridges and castles, and all have extensive carving.

I am also available to design almost any custom cribbage board imaginable. This is a growing segment of my work as customers desire a unique gift carved to their specific requests. A few of the recent pieces have been: a fighter squadron logo, a city firefighter crest, signature golf holes, motorcycle crests, and liquor bottles -- with many more pieces besides.

Each year I am surprised by the growing demand for unique pieces of functional artwork. There is an active group of cribbage board collectors throughout North America that have kept me extremely busy. There is a constant demand for each new creation I design, whatever it may be. Because each piece is hand-crafted, it has taken many years to establish an inventory -- consequently, my sales are direct. I display each year at the National Finals Rodeo, Cowboy Christmas, in Las Vegas.

The cribbage boards are each a unique piece of functional artwork -- even those boards that are serial, such as the stomp'n cowboy boots. They are completely different in look, shape, coloring and texture. Each board comes with a set of solid brass pegs, hand ground to fit each board. Many of the larger boards also have drawers to keep a deck of cards with the pegs. Each board is titled, dated and signed, usually with a brass art plate. The majority of the pieces are made from hardwood (such as oak, maple, walnut or cherry). The finish is usually triple-stained with a high-quality lacquer finish.

I would like to sincerely thank my past and present supporters, many of whom have become dear friends. Perhaps years from now your board(s) will hold as many cherished memories as my first one does. One of my greatest satisfactions is in knowing that my cribbage boards will last generations and be handed down for all to enjoy.

Good luck and happy pegging!

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Stomp'n - Hand Carved Wooden Cribbage Board by Lorne Mertick
Badger Bluffs - Hand Carved Wooden Cribbage Board by Lorne Mertick
Perfect Hand - Custom Hand Carved Wooden Cribbage Board by Lorne Mertick
Picnic Table - Hand Carved Wooden Cribbage Board by Lorne Mertick

Country Livin - Hand Carved Wooden Cribbage Board by Lorne Mertick
Ride 'em Cowboy - Custom Hand Carved Wooden Cribbage Board by Lorne Mertick
The Bears - Hand Carved Wooden Cribbage Board by Lorne Mertick
Canadian Cigar Company - Custom Hand Carved Wooden Cribbage Board by Lorne Mertick
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Hand Carved Wooden Cribbage Boards
Lorne D. Mertick - Artist
Calgary, Alberta

Phone: (403) 286-8639

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