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Lucy J. Bates

Canadian Artist Lucy J. Bates
Canadian Artist Lucy J. Bates

Lucy J. Bates was born 1939 in Nakusp, a small community on the Arrow Lakes in the interior of British Columbia. Her first home was a log house her father had built at Edgewood that her family lived in. Unfortunately when she was an infant the cabin burned to the ground. Lucy expands on the incident, "Company was coming so Mom had decided to cook a bunch of donuts. She took some to the kids playing in the yard and to Dad who was playing the fiddle in the house and watching me. When Mom was done her cooking she tried to push the pot to the back of the stove but it slipped and she spilled the scalding fat onto the wood stove. In no time flames were licking up the walls. Dad grabbed me up with the fiddle and Mom took out some bedding and by that time the whole place was aglow. What was really scary was when the rifle bullets Dad used for hunting exploded inside the house in all directions. No one was hurt and all we could do was stand outside a safe distance and watch the fireworks." A dramatic beginning to a rich heritage of love, hard work and an appreciation for all experiences of life both good and adverse.

When Lucy was two her family moved to Trail and then at age six to Fruitvale where she grew up on a small ten-acre farm where she spent her school years. It was a beautiful life on the farm. Her parents grew a large garden, raise calves and a milk cow. All their temporal needs were met with homemade butter, fresh milk, fresh eggs, garden produce in the summer and canned peaches and raspberries, a root cellar full of vegetables, meat from wild game and a butchered calf in the winter. She had ten acres in which to romp and explore discovering the beauty of wild flowers and enjoying hiding in the tall grasses. Her mom instilled in her a love of nature and art. Lucy loved to draw from her earliest years. All through school it was her art classes that she excelled in.

Perky Petunias - By Canadian Artist Lucy J. Bates After graduation from high school she moved to Vancouver to go to art school. It was in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she met her husband, George. One of the things that attracted her to George was his love for art. During the process of raising a family her painting was put on the back burner. George's professional work took the family from BC to Alberta, the South Pacific, back to BC then to Utah. From there they moved to Ontario, and back to Alberta. After raising eight children and emptying their nest, they moved back to Fruitvale, B.C. and renovated an old church into a home with a small art gallery to house their work.

Lucy works mainly in watercolor and enjoys exploring areas in her current locale as references for her landscapes, compositions of people and flowers. She is a relatively new artist and expects to continue her art education. She attended the Vancouver School of Art as a youth (it no longer exists but some will remember it), took her first watercolor classes with the Peel Board of Education (Mississauga, Ontario) in 1992 and discovered her love of the watercolor medium. She has recently taken four years of watercolor classes at the Swinton Art Studio in Calgary and has participated in art shows and sales as a juried member of The Federation of Canadian Artists, The Calgary Artists Society, Interpretations Artists Association and participated at the Leighton Art Center while living in Calgary. She has learned a lot from workshops by the some of the best artists in Canada: Brent Laycock, Jean Pederson and Jim Brager, and supplements her knowledge through good art books and browsing the net.

Breath of Light - By Canadian Artist Lucy J. Bates
Blue Mountain - By Canadian Artist Lucy J. Bates
Erie Lake - By Canadian Artist Lucy J. Bates
Cottonwood Falls - By Canadian Artist Lucy J. Bates
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Lucy J. Bates
The Roze Gallery
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Fruitvale, BC V0G-IL0

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