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Marilyn Trenchard Photographic Artist

Marilyn Trenchard Photographic Artist
Marilyn Trenchard


Born in Windsor, Ontario, Marilyn later moved to Toronto and began a career in nursing. As a wife and mother of two, she found herself developing an interest in photography. After receiving formal training in photography, she joined the Toronto Camera Club where submitting images to both print and slide competitions won her many awards. Later, she became a judge herself.

She has been actively involved in photography for twenty five years as both an amateur and as a professional. Her passion is for outdoor landscapes and seascapes. Marilyn has been a frequent speaker, judge and lecturer at photography seminars, camera clubs, elder hostel retreats and photo workshops and displayed her images at numerous exhibitions.

Her sense of adventure and love of nature combined with an artistic eye has enabled her photographs to capture the extraordinary beauty of the natural world and evoke deep emotional responses from those who view her images.

Contemplative - By Canadian Photographer Marilyn Trenchard
Marilyn's focus is on creating dynamic photographs with visual impact emphasizing good composition, the use of lines, shapes, patterns, contrast and the different qualities of light.

Marilyn's studio is located in White Rock, British Columbia. You can visit her web site to see more of her images.

Photo Tours

Marilyn loves to travel and presents an opportunity for the avid amateur to travel with an accomplished photographer and learn how to create photographs with visual impact. You will learn more about and experiment with basic composition, exposure, light, colour control, perspective and creative use of lenses, use of contrast, depth of field and so on.

Marilyn's photo tours are carefully planned to the most scenic areas during times of special appeal.

Photo Essays with Music

Marilyn presents pictorial journeys set to music, taking you into some of the most scenic places in North America where you will experience extraordinary natural wonders. You may visit the southwest with its old Spanish missions and deserts alive with spring flowers and blooming cactus. Feel the power of the pounding surf of the west coast and enjoy the quaint lighthouses and villages of the east coast. You will climb snow capped mountains and walk through meadows filled with alpine flowers.

There are portraits of birds, animals, wild flowers and forests with gentle streams and waterfalls.

Photo Seminars & Workshops

Topics include:
  • Basic Composition - the art of making, not taking a photograph

  • Landscape & Seascape Photography - creative uses of the wide angle and telephoto lens

  • Wild flower and Nature photography

  • How to Create the Feeling of Depth

  • These are just some of the topics previously presented at seminars & workshops.

    With the use of slides and images, she illustrates the techniques presented and guides the participants to a new understanding and knowledge of creating a picture.

    Wedding Photography and Outdoor Portraiture have also become extensions of her love for capturing special moments in nature.

    Be sure to visit Marilyn's website to view more of her incredible work!

    Porch & Leaves - By Canadian Photographer Marilyn Trenchard
    Exploding Surf - By Canadian Photographer Marilyn Trenchard
    Mission Window & Bougainvillea - By Canadian Photographer Marilyn Trenchard
    Tree & Sunbeams - By Canadian Photographer Marilyn Trenchard
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    Marilyn Trenchard Photographic Artist
    White Rock
    British Columbia, Canada
    Phone: (604) 538-2870


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