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Marketing Canadian Art

By Canadian Artist Shannon Lawlor
Artwork used with permission
by Canadian Artist Shannon Lawlor

Traditional sales have evolved to a new dimension. Buying and selling online made easy, with the use of the most powerful tools the world has ever known. enables the buyer to shop comfortably from their own home or office with no pressure, and no sense of being rushed. Interior designers can find the perfect piece of artwork without having to travel all over the city, and without being limited in their choices. Corporate buyers, gallery buyers, and individuals will have access to artwork from all across Canada right at their fingertips! The buyer can actually get to know the artist by way of their biography, how they portray themselves through their work, what the artwork means to them. Detailed information on the artwork will include the style, type, medium, dimension and price of each piece. Contacting the artist is made easy through email links directly to them.

Shopping has never been easier!

While many web design companies are made up of designers or programmers, there are few that can combine and integrate the talents of designers, programmers with sales professionals, and a business perspective. Our experience with investor relations, e-commerce, web marketing, plus specific expertise in key industries, helps us to provide you a well-designed and effective web site.

We host most of the sites that we do web marketing for. The main reason is to monitor and measure your web site's traffic using our statistical software package. We can tell you where your traffic is coming from, what pages they visited (even in which order). We even can tell you which search engines and directories where used to find your web site, and what keywords were used to create the listing! This helps us in our web marketing, and helps you to ensure we continue to create good value for you.

We maintain our own directory of directories to assist with our web marketing process. You would be registered with many traffic-building directories.

Every search engine uses a different set of rules to determine how a website ranks in its listings. We've learned the secrets to creating websites that place well on the engines, and have had great success with our existing clients.

Marketing is a fairly new business in this industry. There are so many companies now a days that will build anyone a website, some very expensive websites, but most companies don't market the client, they just build the site, and off they go to the next one. The person that has the very expensive website sits there pretty proud that they have it, but unfortunately, if it isn't designed properly and marketed properly, no one is going to see them, and they will not have the exposure, or possibly the potential earnings that they may have initially thought they would have.

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