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Phil Chadwick

Naja and Friend - By Artist Phil Chadwick

Naja and Friend
Personally Stretched canvas 16 x 24

This scene was used in a Swift Canoe Catalogue to promote the Mattawa canoe.
I really liked the image and especially the idea of the faithful dog accompanying his master. The graying dog is focused keenly on the observer and is the key to the painting. I was working from a very small image and I worked very hard to make the man look like Bill Swift who was paddling the canoe. Portraits, especially miniatures, are very difficult and with a slight change in colour or shape or even tone, I changed the image from Elvis to Joe Pesci with a single stroke. I got it close to Bill and decided to quite while it was still a head. at least until I had a bigger image to work from or even if Bill would sit still long enough for me to capture the likeness.

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