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Ritch Gaiti

...paintings of another time, another place
Artist Ritch Gaiti
Ritch Gaiti

Ritch Gaiti's ethereal paintings commemorate the west- a horse runs free on the open range; a buffalo oversees the plains that he rules; a proud people enjoy a rich culture and a oneness with the land. The paintings are about change, evolution, and extinction-something emerges, something disappears. Each represents the spirit of a time long gone.

"My goal is to put the viewer, not only in another time and place, but also in the subject's heart"

The series is executed primarily in oils, enhanced with variety of mixed media including sand, to resonate with the ancient traditions. One of Ritch's signatures is his use of textured layers, reminiscent of the relief found on cave walls.

"These proud people, their rich culture and tragic history, haunt and provoke me. Reliving their journey on canvas has been my passion-I dedicated this series to a simpler time."

One Horse Riding - By Artist Ritch Gaite Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Ritch became visually attracted to the west and the Native American culture by the warm colors and the spiritual nature of the people and the land. Inspired by the works of the legendary photographer Edward S. Curtis and his colleagues who chronicled Indian life in the 19th and 20th centuries, Ritch became sympathetic to the Native American history and their fallen journey. He paints of the people, the land and the spirits and tries to recapture a feeling of a civilization long gone.

Ritch is rapidly building a strong following with galleries and collectors throughout the world. He is an emerging self taught artist who has been painting for over twenty years and only recently began to exhibit publicly. Prior to painting, Ritch was an executive on Wall Street. Ritch won the Judges Award of Merit in the Trail of Painted Ponies National Art Competition, 2006 and a member of the Oil Painters of America and CHAPS, Cowboy Heritage Artists and Photographers Society. He is also an aspiring writer, having written several novels (his first to be published shortly). He enjoys tennis, skiing and is a private pilot.

He is currently exhibiting his works in galleries in Santa Fe, Jackson Hole, Edwards, Scottsdale, Delray Beach, Fort Collins and Lincoln. Check the website ( for his latest works and exhibitions.

The Crossing - By Artist Ritch Gaiti
Dusk River - By Artist Ritch Gaiti
Smoke of a Distant Fire - By Artist Ritch Gaiti
Close Quarters - By Artist Ritch Gaiti
Before the Journey - By Artist Ritch Gaiti

Three Feathers Before the Storm - By Artist Ritch Gaiti
Yesterday - By Artist Ritch Gaiti
Before the Sky - By Artist Ritch Gaiti
Broken Land Broken Sky - By Artist Ritch Gaiti
Hidden Falls - By Artist Ritch Gaiti
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Ritch Gaiti - Western Art - Native Art
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