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Sandra E Vasilenko

Canadian Artist Sandra Vasilenko
Artist Sandra Vasilenko

BIOGRAPHY - Artist Sandra Vasilenko

Growing up in southern New Brunswick, I watched my grandfather paint wonderful works of art. His son, my uncle also had a very strong gifting in oil painting as well. I realized this was part of my heritage, and it inspired me to try my hand at drawing. It was an obsession as far back as I can remember. I loved it, I breathed it, it was part of who I was and would someday be. I have had no formal training, but being "home schooled" in art by a family of artist can be even a greater challenge then I could have imagined. At times tuff. But always rewarding. Eventually I picked up the brush too. The moment I started painting I knew this would be the only thing I would be happy doing. I thank God always for his gift, the inspiration that could only come from Him, so I always give him glory.

The more I painted the more I needed too, I developed a passion for Horses and spent much time around them. Studying them and painting them, I always wanted to know more about working ranch life and rodeos, and as you can imagine there are not too many of either here in New Brunswick but I certainly did my best, I traveled to alberta to spend time with my uncle and he took me to my first rodeo, it was exciting, and after that I soon began putting it to canvas. Western art is my prime focus, but have also discovered a great joy in painting other wildlife as well, fish, african and south american animals. Now with the internet being such a helpful resource to learn and study other animals that most people including myself have never had the great privilege of study in person. It spurs me on to new and exciting things. I love to learn and discover new things, new techniques, I am always learning and improving.

I have been painting in oils for 20 years. I have painted on streched canvas but prefer canvas boards as I can do many more details. I love detail. I have sold art as far away as the middle east and have paintings all over North America. I have no galley affiliations as of yet, all my art has been sold privately to buyers.

I thank my family and friends for their support . They have been my biggest fans and my worst critics at times. They push me to excellence. And I want to make them proud. So I will continue on along this journey of discovery, every painting brings new excitement and new challenges. Who knows what tomorrow holds, but I can't wait to find out.

Original Paintings
Doc - By Canadian Artist Sandra Vasilenko
Foal at Rest - By Canadian Artist Sandra Vasilenko
Milk Lady - By Canadian Artist Sandra Vasilenko

Baited - By Canadian Artist Sandra Vasilenko
Bill - By Canadian Artist Sandra Vasilenko
Beef Patty - By Canadian Artist Sandra Vasilenko
Bill and Bell - By Canadian Artist Sandra Vasilenko
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Sandra Vasilenko
446 Belleisle RD
Bellesile Creek N.B.
Canada E5P 1J2
(H) 506-839-2406 (C) 506-434-1074

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