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Sharon Strand Sigfuson Fine Art
Impressionist Alla Prima

Heritage and Portrait Artist Sharon Strand Sigfuson
Heritage & Portrait Artist
Sharon Strand Sigfuson

SHARON STRAND SIGFUSON, a Canadian Artist, was born to a Scandinavian family in the little town of Preeceville Saskatchewan. Growing up on a farm near this community she discovered her love of art throught the magical images in the Fine Arts Sections of the family's 'Books of Knowledge'.

Sharon spent her teen years in Uranium City, Saskatchewan, on the northern shores of Lake Athabasca. Throughout these years she began to capture likenesses of friends and family in her drawings.

As a young adult she pursued her interest in art by enrolling in the 'Famous Artists Schools' correpondence course in fine arts oil painting. Over the years when opportunity presented itself, she continued her art education with classes offered by the University of Saskatchewan and the Emma Lake School of Fine Arts.

Many years were spent in painting wildlife and wildflowers. For the past ten years the artist has studied and developed her first love, the rendition of portraiture and human form. History was always a second love and the artist combined these two interests to create a series of nostalgic heritage works depiciting rural life and farming with horses from the early 1900's to the mid 1950's. These compostions were developed from a combination of memories plus family and archival black and white photos. Color reference for these works came from many excursions with her camera into the surrounding countryside to capture the (light of the day), which varies from season to season, day to day and hour to hour.

The artist works primarily on stretched canvas with oil color. The compositions are first worked out with pencil on paper. After determining the size that will best work for the composition, she stretches her canvas and tones it with burnt umber. The actual work begins the next day so the tone has time to dry. The composition is then drawn on the canvas, usually with a #4 filbert brush. A larger brush is used to suggest the shadow areas with the same burnt umber and a rag is often used to wipe the areas that will receive the most light. Now the actual painting begins. The artist works from dark to light in an alla prima style.

The artist has received significant recognition for her work which include:

  • Finalist in the ACACA Alberta show - 1979
  • Second over all levels of competition in full color and composition at 'Reflections of Nature' in Saskatoon, SK - 1993
  • First in animal portraiture 'Reflections of Nature' Saskatoon SK - 1994
  • One month exhibit of her work at the Royal Oak Gallery, Saskatoon - 1995
  • Print of work presented to the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan - 1995
  • Juried into the 'International Gardener Conf. Show' Saskatoon - 1996
  • Two works finalists in the 'Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation Show' Regina - 1996
  • Illustrator for a publication of the University of Saskatchewan's' The Saskatchewan Herb Data Base' 1996
  • Third - advanced level at the 'Saskatchewan Exhibition of Fine Art'- 1997
  • Adult award of excellence at the Melfort OSAC show - 1998
  • First in the Lake Diefenbaker Annual Art Competition - 2004
  • First in the Melfort OSAC show 2004
  • Solo show - one month- St. Andrew's Gallery, Humboldt SK-2005
  • Solo show - one week - Allied Arts Council, Hudson Bay, SK-2005
  • Solo show - one month - Cumberland Gallery, Regina SK-2006
  • Work over the last two years includes several commissions
  • Work featured on the cover of the Abbottsford Tourism brochure 'Passport to Christmas' 2007
  • Work featured as the illustrator of Agnes Lewellin's book 'Am I Pretty Grandma' 2007

  • Visit Sharon's website to see more of her Heritage and Portrait artwork
    Threshing With a Steam Tractor - By Saskatchewan Artist Sharon Strand Sigfuson
    Bindering and Stooking the Oat Field - By Saskatchewan Artist Sharon Strand Sigfuson
    The Bennett Wagon - By Saskatchewan Artist Sharon Strand Sigfuson

    Getting In the Hay - By Saskatchewan Artist Sharon Strand Sigfuson
    Family Values - By Saskatchewan Artist Sharon Strand Sigfuson
    A Farmer's Coffee Break - By Saskatchewan Artist Sharon Strand Sigfuson
    Hockey Boys - By Saskatchewan Artist Sharon Strand Sigfuson

    Early on a Winter's Day - By Saskatchewan Artist Sharon Strand Sigfuson
    Hauling Water - By Saskatchewan Artist Sharon Strand Sigfuson
    Land of Promise - By Saskatchewan Artist Sharon Strand Sigfuson
    Skating on the Pond - By Saskatchewan Artist Sharon Strand Sigfuson
    Sunday at North Prairie Church - By Saskatchewan Artist Sharon Strand Sigfuson
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    Sharon Strand Sigfuson
    Box 547 Hudson Bay
    Sk. Canada S0E 0Y0

    Phone: 1-306-865-3275
    E-mail: Website:

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