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Sylvia Dumais

Alberta Artist Sylvia Dumais
Canadian Artist Sylvia Dumais


My name is Sylvia Dumais;

I'm a self-taught artist originally from a small town called Warren Ontario. I married in 1978 and became a hairstylist. We now have 3 wonderful sons who have always been supportive and never complained when I would paint for long hours at a time. We now live in Airdrie AB, the change has been wonderful, and I always wanted to be near the mountains, to go for a drive and see them up close is truly magnificent.

I started taking interest in painting in 1990 and bought books on how to paint and learn different techniques. With practice, perseverance and determination I got better as time went buy. I started to teach decorative painting for 4 years in Ontario, after that I would practice painting sceneries and wildlife on my own. Through trial and error I continued painting every day trying out new techniques and learning more about animals. I've tried different mediums but my favorite is acrylic.

Painting is my passion; it brings a sense of peace and creativity. I like to meditate while listening to my nature cd, and then start creating and sketching for my next paintings. My biggest fan and critic is my husband, he has always encouraged and supported me with my artwork. I'd like to thank my family and friends for their support. My greatest inspiration is my mom who meant the world to me; I know she's watching over us.

I also do custom work on saws, canvas and wood.

You can contact me directly through email.

The Old Store - By Alberta Artist Sylvia Dumais

Bull Moose - By Alberta Artist Sylvia Dumais
Playful Chipmunk - By Alberta Artist Sylvia Dumais
Winter Stroll - By Alberta Artist Sylvia Dumais
Resting Buffalo - By Alberta Artist Sylvia Dumais
Running White Tail Deer - By Alberta Artist Sylvia Dumais
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Sylvia Dumais
Airdrie, Alberta

Phone: (587) 436-6953
E-mail: Website:

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