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Sylvio Gagnon

Sylvio Gagnon, Ontario Artist
Sylvio Gagnon

When one trades the comfort and security of a government job for an easel and a paintbrush, it's because passion has taken over reason. Born in 1939 in Hearst, Ontario, Sylvio Gagnon reached a point where he could no longer contain his desire to transform the images of his birthplace into colours and to render them on canvas.

His desire to paint surfaced during the seventies. He worked tenaciously to perfect his technique and allow his talent to find its course, without any formal guidance or coaching. As he met and mingled with professional artists, Sylvio Gagnon found his vocation. He readily admits the influence of the Group of Seven on his pictorial evolution, one that has helped him refine his personal style.

How to define an artist who always paints on site, come rain or shine? By careful visual observation and nature study, Sylvio Gagnon submits to winter's harshness so that he may capture in a most unique and authentic way the images he holds so dear. He has a penchant for landscapes that have survived unscathed by man. In these virgin and difficult to access spaces he finds the inspiration to render, without reserve, his love of vast horizons.

Sylvio Gagnon's work is evocative of an insatiable appetite for spontaneous gestures, raw tonalities and compositions which are free of academic constraints. There are no half-measures present in his work, no cut corners. The finished product, works of amazing freshness and immediacy, goes straight to the heart in a glorious construct that can only attract the viewer's eye. Some would call him daring in his choice of colours: vivid roses, moody violets and primary reds, yellows and blues. Perhaps. But daring or not, his choice is authentic and therefore serves his art beautifully by transforming random nature into ordered luminous symbols.

Sylvio Gagnon, seeker of landscapes still untamed, lover of humanity, is prolific. He produces some 200 paintings in a given year, many of which evoke the presence of human forms. Other works speak of cosy houses and gardens, market scenes and busy caf's. A finished painting represents for the artist only the beginning of the next work, a pretext to begin to paint again.

Having painted in North America and Europe, Sylvio Gagnon's oil paintings and pastels hang in galleries, homes and corporations the world over.

As a painter of the four seasons, Sylvio Gagnon states:
"What's important to me is to enjoy the present moment and to express it in my work."

Angelique: Camden Maine
Evening Light
Beaumont Hill
Albufeira Portugal
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Sylvio Gagnon Art Gallery
11 Fifth Avenue
Ottawa, Canada
Phone: (613)-235-6415

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