Month: September 2015

Jeanne d'Arc Gaudet Artist Custom Design Website

Do I need a New Website?

Need New website? Should I redesign my current website? By Lynda Baxter The short answer is likely, yes.. to either, and you have options. I spoke to an artist last week who mentioned it seemed every five years was good timing, for him, for a website redesign. His reason wasn’t just because it was time […]

Art Marketing Article by Brandy Saturley

Painting Composition - Painting by Jonn Einerssen

Painting Composition

Painting Composition Painting Composition can be defined as a means of selecting appropriate elements and arranging them within the picture space to communicate the artist’s ideas, and feelings effectively to the viewer. Placing elements you have selected within your painting is very important. Composition can create either a strong and interesting piece of work, or […]

Art Composition - Painting by Georgina Hunt

Art Composition Glossary of Terms

Art Composition Glossary of Terms Art composition glossary of terms goes with the blog titled Art Composition that can be found on the Art In Canada blog Art Chatter. Picture Area: This is the flat surface within the borders of your picture, in which you draw or paint. You control the picture area much in […]

Landscape Paintings Holly Dyrland Alberta Artist

Landscape Paintings

Landscape Paintings Landscape paintings of nature, big skies, open prairies and mountain scenes, offer the artists unlimited resources for pictures. Nature can be a valuable and inspiring aid in teaching, and stretching the artists imagination to new levels. Nature supplies the artist with a variety of forms, texture, colour, and mood. The artist never has […]

Still life paintings

Still Life Paintings

Still Life Paintings Still life paintings had a lot of attention in the 17th Century by the Dutch and Flemish masters. Those artists who are closely associated with still life paintings of apples, grapes, and bowls are Vermeer, Chardin, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Monet, Matisse, and Braque. Many artists include still life forms in their paintings […]

Human Form in Art

Human Form

Human Form Human form is one of the most interesting and rewarding subjects and artist can paint, and also one of the most difficult. Human form offers the opportunity not found in any other subject for the possibilities of expression, and the chance to portray a variety of feelings through expression. Often, the human form, […]

Art Marketing Ideas

Art Marketing Ideas

Art Marketing Ideas By Lynda Baxter – Owner Art In Canada Inc. Art marketing ideas that work! The journey of an artist is not easy. So lets explore what your ongoing art marketing efforts might look like. You create your artwork. You’re passionate about it. You need people to see it (and buy it). How […]

Art Website for Vance Theoret

Get Your Artist Website Found

Get Your Art Website Found By Lynda Baxter – Owner Art In Canada Inc. I have an art website now. How will I get my art website found? Every time I talk to an artist about doing a custom art website for them, I try to answer that question before they can even ask it! […]