Online artist interviews with Canadian Artists on Art In Canada help you to learn more about each artist, their artistic background and what inspires their art.

The natural world is what particularly motivates me to draw and paint. Always desiring to mirror the wonders of sheer creation. "Realism is a challenge that proves God's perfection; we can never quite measure unto. Our desire for perfection provokes endless aspirations that produce ever growing humility." I like to find the beautiful things and unique things and ridiculously try to transcribe them which can often be a challenge if you aim for any form of realism. It is funny how I hate challenge in most things but am fine when it is art.

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Neil Assenheimer is an artist from Edmonton Alberta, that has a diverse background in Makeup artistry, training, and painting.
His artwork is passionate, vibrant, reflective, emotional, interpretational.
His work is never ending and always evolving as he continues to find his way in the world.

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Enda Bardell is a Canadian Artist living and working in Vancouver, Canada. She is passionate about watercolour paintings, and creates the most wonderful sunsets using incredible, vibrant colours that command your attention as you look with awe at the pure colours she uses to paint those wonderful big skies!

Enda teaches watercolour workshops from September through to May every year. You can sign up for her classes on her website,

Enda has studied at Vancouver Art School, and completed studio courses and workshops with prominent Canadian artists such as Toni Onley and Joan Balzar, both of whom she considers her mentors.

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Alberta Artist Rena Bierman began painting “living ” flowers and fruit as her full time focus in 2011. After building a body of work with that subject matter, her art is now represented in Alberta, British Columbia and Arizona.
"I distinguish my florals and fruit as “living” because that’s exactly what they are. They are not cut down, put in a vase, nor are the fruit picked and put on a plate. They are as you see them in nature — alive."
Rena paints colour in full chroma since flowers and fruit are not too shy to display their lavish colour. They are created to attract; she can do no less. Realistic, romantic and painterly, but not photographic.

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Nature is my source of inspiration, but especially during dusk or dawn, when the sun is low. Explorer at heart, hiking is part of my daily process, experiencing the wild places, and bringing these moments into my studio. I love the motion of wind and waves and the shapes the trees and rocks take because of the elements sculpting them.

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Anthony Dunphy is a Newfoundland artist. His acrylics paintings, with a flair for bright and vibrant imagery have been featured in a number of magazines and newspapers including, Our Canada as well as being juried into and showing at the Amazon Art exhibition held at Grand Central Station in New York City.

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I try to capture nature’s essence or the charming character of some of the subjects that I pains.  When I started loosing my vision, there is this drive that developed in me where I felt like I had to try to capture everything I saw just in case I would never see it again. I was lucky and was a good candidate for a cornea transplant and, after my very successful surgery in 2017, I was able to go back to a normal life. Now my goal is to capture the critters in action of some sort but never to fix them permanently in their environment. I love to keep them free and to give them room to breathe by keeping my backgrounds abstract as I feel that they need that space to be.”

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Canadian watercolor artist Angela Fehr is an art instructor and teaches art online and locally in British Columbia.
"I’ve created art since I was very young. Most teens reach a stage where they grow very self-critical, and it’s then that they will either quit creating, or push harder to find solutions. My dissatisfaction with my artistic ability as a teen drove me to my first watercolour class, and from there my passion for watercolour was born".

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I draw my inspiration from elements of nature that I find close at hand, in my own 'back-yard', that is the prairies of Alberta. I do not paint traditional landscapes and scenes. I choose, instead, to focus on a particular piece of the scene or object and enlarge upon it, inviting my viewers to stop and take stock of how beautiful something is that you otherwise might not have given a second, or even a first, glance. My work is not abstract, but rather hyper-realistic.

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Artist Cindy Sorley-Keichinger says her “inspiration comes form everywhere! I will never live long enough to paint all my ideas. How light strikes a subject, how animals interact, how the environment plays its part. All this and more strike pictures in my mind. It never ends.”

Cindy paints what she loves! Wildlife art and nature art, landscape art from all around the world as well as still life and people. She paints the beauty of this world and shares it with others. Cindy is a signature member of Artists for Conservation.

Check out all of Cindy’s artwork on her website: Golden K Studio

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Artist Shirley Kinneberg is a country girl at heart. To say Shirley is a diverse artist, is an understatement. She paints portraits, landscapes, nostalgia art, wildlife art and prairie art. She is also exploring more abstract art! When asked if she liked plein air painting, she recalled just how thrilling it can be! “I remember a time when I almost brought a garter snake into my studio which somehow slithered into my paint box I had on the ground. If I had not checked before going indoors I would have had a real surprising visitor.”

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Pablo Picasso

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Canadian nature artist, Laura Levitsky, has gained acclaim for her spectacular depictions of the natural world. Inspired by her surroundings in British Columbia, Laura paints from a depth of knowledge and passion. An outdoor enthusiast, she travels frequently to research her subjects in their natural habitat, believing that there is no substitute for personal experience. She became self-published in 2003, and by 2014, became recognized as one of BC’s representational wildlife painters with awards from Provincial and National organizations such as Ducks Unlimited Canada, BC Wildlife Federation, and the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

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Artist Denis Mayer Jr. paints wildlife art of animals in their environment, with incredible realism.
His favourite quote is “Nature never goes out of style” – Unknown author.

Denis is a professional artist, living in British Columbia. In a world where technology and stress goes at full speed nature will always bring good feeling to our mind and soul. He says, “Wildlife has always been fascinating for me, the perfection of each element is beyond what humans can comprehend. I love nature the way it was created and for me realism is the best way I can return respect to the creator and it’s nature.”

Denis Mayer Jr. has a personal website to view all his art. Please click here:

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Artist Teresa McCallum was always creative. She was inspired by her equally creative mother and grandmother.

“My grandmother was an oil painter and my mother was very talented charcoal and textile artist. My grandmother gave me oil painting lessons when I was in grade school. I studied art academically for 5 years. I was not sure of the artistic path I would take because I loved writing and drama as well as visual art. I helped fund my post secondary education by sign painting, menu design and creating embroidery designs. It was when I took my first acrylic painting course a few years ago, my true artistic passion was ignited.”

To see more of Teresa McCallum’s art please visit her website Teresa

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Alberta artist Roberta Murray, ASA practices art full time with an emphasis on evocative landscapes. It is the images and stories of the western landscape, flora, fauna and people, which inspire her paintings and photography. Striving to capture an emotion, Roberta abandons the documentary or realist approach to produce expressive images that allow the viewer to create their own story. Fine art paintings and photography by Canadian artist Roberta Murray.

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Artist Jim Pescott, when asked about his favourite piece of art:

“I don’t have a ‘favourite piece of work’. When I create something it is intended to have a life of it’s own. The painting has been created for some one and we often don’t even know who the someone is. But, I believe the painting knows who and will reach out to a viewer’s heart in very personal ways so they feel attachment and an urge to respond to their heart feelings. If I hold one of my paintings as ‘my favourite’ I impede this process: I interfere with what should happen naturally between paintings and people. I often think my studio seems like a rescue centre where paintings wait hopefully for a forever home.”

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Canadian artist Barbara Pikering paints diverse subjects, from expressive faces and mood inspired seascapes and landscapes to social issues dealing with the human condition. “I never limit myself to painting a singular subject matter….I love it all". Working in several mediums, she has come to love the versatility and feel of oils, and more recently, the fine work in India Ink. Barbara Pickering grew up in an Artist’s home in Canada and has been painting and drawing all her life. Her father, renowned Canadian Artist, Jack L. Pickering was a great influence in her art. To this day, they enjoy painting together and recently hosted a joint Art Show.

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Coloured pencil artist Dee Poisson lives and teaches coloured pencil workshops in Alberta. The coloured pencil images that are created by Dee Poisson are incredibly detailed and planned. The amount of detail in her works of art are possible because of her knowledge of the subject matter and experience with the media. To see more of Dee's art please visit her website

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Artist Dan Reid likes to gather inspiration from: “driving around western Canada for the landscapes and old rusty car paintings. (The problem is some of the cars follow me home… ) I also gather inspiration from doing art and car shows and talking to the people.”

Dan Reid is a self-taught Western Canadian artist who has spent all his life on the prairies and currently lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He does commissioned art of old trucks and old cars, as well as muscle cars, planes, trains, and the beautiful prairie landscape.

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Every artist has their own unique voice, and creates authentic artworks that have their own unique place in this industry, and attracts their own specific audience. My artworks come from a place deep inside of my soul, and create a connection with the viewer in a very personal level. I don’t feel like I am in a competition when I am creating a piece or presenting it to the world. My artworks will attract those who feel a connection with me through my creations, and that’s an honour.

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Ontario artist Chrissy Schram does commissioned art of your dogs, cats and horses to paint lasting memories of your favourite animal. She works in pencil, mixed media, and acrylic paint.
She is the creator of whatwhenwhowherewhy and Chrissy Schram design freelance artist/painter/designer/illustrator. As well, she works in cartooning and comic books. Check out her family portraits!! Better yet, have her do one for your family!

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