Online artist interviews with Canadian Artists on Art In Canada help you to learn more about each artist, their artistic background and what inspires their art.

Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1928, Shirley Campbell presently lives on a ranch in Southern Alberta with her daughter and son in law Greg and Lynda Baxter. In the mid 1940's Shirley took drawing classes with Ernest Lindner who suggested she should be an art teacher. She has done projects for western shows, cartooning, and oil painting for many years. Her favourite subjects are portraits, animals, seascapes and landscapes.

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Artist Maureen D Janssens is an abstract expressive, Canadian artist, creating bold, beautiful floral art, landscape paintings, prairie art and desert scene paintings. When asked what inspires her, she said, “I gather my inspiration from what Nature provides. I get lost in the beauty of whatever is before me, always have and always will. Southern Alberta has fantastic light and it lends itself to expressive paintings. I see the huge Alberta skies and cannot wait to paint the magnificent colours that explode each and every day.”

“Spirit of Nature is about finding your inner peace and balance amidst the chaotic vibration of ego.”
~Maureen D Janssens

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Artist Cindy Sorley-Keichinger says her “inspiration comes form everywhere! I will never live long enough to paint all my ideas. How light strikes a subject, how animals interact, how the environment plays its part. All this and more strike pictures in my mind. It never ends.”

Cindy paints what she loves! Wildlife art and nature art, landscape art from all around the world as well as still life and people. She paints the beauty of this world and shares it with others. Cindy is a signature member of Artists for Conservation.

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Artist Shirley Kinneberg is a country girl at heart. To say Shirley is a diverse artist, is an understatement. She paints portraits, landscapes, nostalgia art, wildlife art and prairie art. She is also exploring more abstract art! When asked if she liked plein air painting, she recalled just how thrilling it can be! “I remember a time when I almost brought a garter snake into my studio which somehow slithered into my paint box I had on the ground. If I had not checked before going indoors I would have had a real surprising visitor.”

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Pablo Picasso

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Artist Denis Mayer Jr. paints wildlife art of animals in their environment, with incredible realism.
His favourite quote is “Nature never goes out of style” – Unknown author.

Denis is a professional artist, living in British Columbia. In a world where technology and stress goes at full speed nature will always bring good feeling to our mind and soul. He says, “Wildlife has always been fascinating for me, the perfection of each element is beyond what humans can comprehend. I love nature the way it was created and for me realism is the best way I can return respect to the creator and it’s nature.”

Denis Mayer Jr. has a personal website to view all his art. Please click here:

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Artist Teresa McCallum was always creative. She was inspired by her equally creative mother and grandmother.

“My grandmother was an oil painter and my mother was very talented charcoal and textile artist. My grandmother gave me oil painting lessons when I was in grade school. I studied art academically for 5 years. I was not sure of the artistic path I would take because I loved writing and drama as well as visual art. I helped fund my post secondary education by sign painting, menu design and creating embroidery designs. It was when I took my first acrylic painting course a few years ago, my true artistic passion was ignited.”

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Artist Jim Pescott, when asked about his favourite piece of art:

“I don’t have a ‘favourite piece of work’. When I create something it is intended to have a life of it’s own. The painting has been created for some one and we often don’t even know who the someone is. But, I believe the painting knows who and will reach out to a viewer’s heart in very personal ways so they feel attachment and an urge to respond to their heart feelings. If I hold one of my paintings as ‘my favourite’ I impede this process: I interfere with what should happen naturally between paintings and people. I often think my studio seems like a rescue centre where paintings wait hopefully for a forever home.”

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Artist Dan Reid likes to gather inspiration from: “driving around western Canada for the landscapes and old rusty car paintings. (The problem is some of the cars follow me home… ) I also gather inspiration from doing art and car shows and talking to the people.”

Dan Reid is a self-taught Western Canadian artist who has spent all his life on the prairies and currently lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He does commissioned art of old trucks and old cars, as well as muscle cars, planes, trains, and the beautiful prairie landscape.

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Artist Brandy Saturley has been painting for more than 15 years, and making art for over 30 years. She is a prolific painter, guerrilla-style photographer and multiple award winning Canadian artist. She has associate degrees in Visual Arts and Feature Film Production. Brandy has a broad background in the arts from the more classical; drawing, painting, film, writing, and art history. To the new technology of digital photography and cinema.

Saturley gained national attention with her paintings of Canadiana including; goalie masks, Canadian athletes, the Canadian flag, the Montreal Canadiens, Alberta Rockies and wildlife. Inspired by Canadian popular culture, iconography, nature, and sport. Creating portraits and surreal landscapes of Canada. From hockey to poppies and Habs to Lake Louise, the work has been referred to as, ‘Canadianism’s on canvas or Canadian POP art.’ The artist classifies her work as Canadian Contemporary Realism.

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