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Cambridge Footsteps by Ian Sheldon

Artist websites with us, are designed for high search engine ranking, and to be extremely user-friendly. The combined Art In Canada team has been involved in the custom design of artist websites, development, and marketing of them since 1999.

Since 1999 we have successfully designed websites that give our clients that ‘edge’ and credibility online that is so necessary today, when doing business over the Internet. We know from experience what works and what doesn’t. Our interest is in saving you time and money, through our knowledge and years of experience. But that’s not all we do!

See our CUSTOM DESIGN artist website portfolio on Chix Design, a division of Art In Canada Inc.

Designing an artist website, requires a talent for properly assessing each artists needs, paying attention to their wants and understanding their brand as an artist. Your website is your online brand, it is an extension of you and your artwork. We want to focus on what sets you apart as an artist, and the challenge is communicating this in a medium that is built on instantaneous impressions and short attention spans. We want to grab attention, and have those interested in your work stick around, and take the full tour through your online gallery.

Our commitment is to provide a high quality, beautiful, and memorable design, combined with functionality and usability. Professional quality that will get your website noticed.

Our team is made up of people who excel in their individual fields;
•    Professional website designers and graphic artists.
•    Professional programmers that know how to build your website properly for the search engines and with ease of navigation for the viewer.
•    Professional writers that can ensure your content is polished and professional.
•    Internet marketing professionals who know how to drive targeted traffic to your website from the search engines. Most website design companies do not specialize in Search Engine Marketing (SEO). We do.
•    You will have an admin area on your website that will enable you to maintain your text pages.
•    You don’t need special software or programming knowledge to maintain your site. Clear and concise instruction will be given to you.
•    Your website will be hosted on a secure server that will also include statistical information on your website traffic.
•    Experienced project managers will ensure your website gets done right, and on time!
•    We know from experience what works and what doesn’t work. We save you time and money with this knowledge.
Emerging artists need a professional website, we also offer Customized Template Art Websites.