Artists Inspire Us – Artists Inspiration – Canadian Artists

Artists Inspire Us – Artists Inspiration – Canadian Artists

Artists Inspire - Art In CanadaArtists Inspire Us – Artists Inspiration – Canadian Artists

Artists inspire us. We all know an artist of some medium that we are proud to know, and excited to tell others about. Artists are inspired by many things. Their environment, interests they hold dear to their heart, new and exciting places they travel to, the warm breeze on a tropical beach or the big skies we see in the prairie provinces of Canada.

The feelings artists get to create comes from deep within. Inspiration comes from there too. Other artists we admire for a variety of reasons also provide us with inspiration.

I was recently struck by one paragraph about an artist, Karl Musgrove.

This paragraph was so inspiring to me I spoke to his wife about doing a story about him.

“Karl retired early from ranching due to a large stroke which left him partially blind in both eyes, paralyzed his dominant right arm, and caused a loss of speech. With a lot of effort and passion Karl switched to painting with his left hand and continues to do artwork on a daily basis. He still lives on the ranch and paints western and wildlife themes that are inspired from both his present-day ranch life and having a life time of experiences. Cowboys, natives, and the animals that populate western North America are expressed in a beautiful palette of colours. He is greatly encouraged and supported by his immediate and extended family members.”

His dedication and his passion for art is incredible. That story will be published here soon.

It made me think of all the hundreds of artists I’ve met over the years. Since starting so long ago, 1999 in fact! I have heard so many stories of triumph over difficult situations, perseverance when times were hard, self discovery by experimenting with new mediums and the excite that alone can create within an artist. The list goes on and on. It makes me want to know your story!

Artists… who inspire you ?

Who inspires you to try harder, to try new techniques, to not give up when doors are closed or the when economy is down?

Artists please write to me so I can share your story.

Art lovers, write to me about an artist who you have been inspired by and let’s share their stories.

There is far too much sadness in this world today. Let’s form a strong art bond and be inspired by others to carry on.