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Born in 1984, Alex Kasyan is a realist artist whose portraiture is animated through a soulful point of view that transcends geography. His fascination with painting people began at adolescence and since then, his focus and fascination with art has appreciated with each day. Kasyan remains ardently committed to the practice of representational painting and drawing rendered with a high sensitivity of tones, shapes, design and colour. His collections of paintings and drawings all stem from his love and devotion to human anatomy, painting, drawing and the exploration of light. Kasyan studied Illustration at Dawson College and was hired by a publisher to illustrate posters and books. In 2007, Kasyan left Montreal to paint and draw in New York City where he attended classes at the National Academy of Design, the Water Street Atelier under Jacob Collins, the Grand Central Academy, as well as the Arts Students League under Nelson Shanks.

Kasyan’s paintings are executed in oil and his drawings in charcoal and graphite. In his eyes, realism is art created in its purest and most truthful form. When he paints or draws a subject, he recreates them and gives them a second life. His passion for representational painting and drawing comes from the satisfaction he receives when he makes his subjects come to life on canvas. Through Kasyan’s works you can sense his appreciation and fascination for the human form, anatomy and the way light illuminate his subject matter. His paintings are characterized by his level of sensitivity and his refined approach in tone and color selection which breathe life into them. His graphite and charcoal drawings are distinguished by the thoughtful hatching he uses to separate the contrasts in tones of the chosen subject matter.

Kasyan has taught painting workshops at Stewart Hall and Dawson College in Montreal. Since 2010, he teaches realist painting and drawing in his Montreal studio. Kasyan has exhibited his works at Museum of European Modern Art in Spain, was part of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibition in Mall Galleries in London, and was selected as finalist and semi finalist in competitions worldwide.

Portrait Commission

The Process: What can be expected from start to finish?

As a first step, a meeting between the artist and the client is booked to discuss the vision of the final artwork, its dimensions, who will be featured in the painting as well as the budget. Kasyan’s goal is to understand his client’s vision. His objective is to provide the best options to his clients that will allow him to create a timeless representation of the subject(s) featured within his portrait paintings. Kasyan offers portrait painting service done from life, based on a photo session or client may choose to provide a photograph for the painting.

Once the direction of the portrait painting is approved by the client, in case of painting from life option, a live session is booked between the artist and the subject(s) of the painting. If the client prefers not to participate in a live session for the portraiture, a photograph can be used instead. In situations where the client is unavailable to pose from life and chooses painting from a photo option, a photo session is arranged between the artist and the client. Kasyan uses top of the line photography equipment to assure the best quality reference photo to create the painting from. During the photo session, the subject(s) of the painting will be asked to pose in multiple angles (as seen in the example above) to find the poses that best suit the vision of the client. Once a reference photograph is approved, Kasyan begins to create the artwork.

The client may choose the option of providing their photo as well. In this case the entire process can be arranged online.

Upon completion of the artwork, the client will receive a digital photo for their final approval. 

Timeline and Delivery of the Artwork

The time required to complete the portrait painting depends on its complexity, dimensions and the number of people featured within it. As an estimate, clients can expect to have their portrait painting completed anywhere between five hours to one month. Please note, that if the subject(s) select to pose in person they will be able to witness the progress of the artwork firsthand and get to know Alex Kasyan personally. With both options, once the painting is fully dry and varnished, it is carefully packed and delivered to the client. In addition, Kasyan can assist his clients with framing options for the artwork to provide frames that complement the artwork as well as suit space within which it will be hung.


Prices include art materials and painting service. Framing, shipping and travel exenses are not included. *Please note that a pastel piece requires to be framed behind glass. Prices are in CAD.

For price quotes please email

For visual chart and price list please click HERE

Portrait Drawing: Head and Collar …  $ 1,850

11×14 Graphite 

extras: Additional person $ 1,500, Advanced Background $ 1,000


Portrait Painting: Head and Collar … $ 3,750

11×14 Oil on canvas or pastel on paper

extras: Additional person $ 2,000 Advanced Background $ 1,000


Portrait Head and chest (no Hands) … $ 8,500

24 x 18 Oil or pastel 

extras: Additional person $ 3,000 Advanced Background $ 1,000


Portrait Half Body … $ 15,000

40 x 30 Oil on canvas

extras: Additional person $ 7,000 Advanced Background $ 2,000


Portrait Full Length … $ 25,000

60 x 40 Oil on canvas

extras: Additional person $ 10,000 Advanced Background $ 4,000