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Angie Hill is an “eclectic” artist, creating contemporary landscapes, murals, commissioned watercolour and oil portraits, illustrations for children’s books and magazines, posters for theatre events.  She is diverse in her mediums which include  oil, acrylic, gold leaf, watercolour, and charcoal.

Angie enjoys painting from life, plein air of the Calgary foothills and area, mostly large contemporary pieces in mixed media and oil.

Born in a small town in Northern Alberta, Angie grew up with an intense desire to draw, paint and sketch. Her close contact with the wilderness made a lasting impression, and trips to the mountains to ski only made the desire to study nature and paint stronger. As a child, Angie was constantly working towards creating imagery that reflected her vision of how she saw the world. Drawings of children sleighing down toboggan hills, scarves flying through the air, with matching mittens and hats, little red noses. Some of her teachers picked up on this, and gave her opportunities to indulge in her obsession, convincing her to get her work done quickly so that she could “show off” her work to the rest of the class. The addiction began…

Although primarily self taught in watercolor, Angie works with oils, and acrylics. Angie has a keen eye for detail and, as a Registered Massage Therapist, has studied anatomy extensively, and is most prolific with her portraiture and figurative work. Always involved in art workshops, going to visit galleries on her vacations, reading about other artists, and frequently trying new mediums, she is expanding herself artistically on an ongoing basis.

She has been commissioned to paint over 100 portraits, mostly of children, in a loose but skillful, and accurate watercolor collage format, which is completely her own technique.

Angie has won many awards for her artwork, and has completed many challenging commercial pieces in the past, which have brought recognition to this unique and talented artist.

Many of her pieces are collected in Canada, the US, and Europe.