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Famous Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley – Painter of Canadianisms

"Saturley's paintings not only have a sense of humour, but also reference famous works of art. The artworks found in Canadianisms: A Half Decade Inspired by Canada, create an open dialogue of what it means to be Canadian. They are informed by our iconography, our passion, our humour, our tolerance and kindness." ~ Brenda Barry Byrne, MFA, BFA |  Strathcona County Gallery @501

Whether ‘Canadian POP Art’ or ‘contemporary realism’, Canadian Visual Artist Brandy Saturley has become known as the painter of ‘Canadianisms’. These aren’t your typical ‘Canadianisms’ like beer and hockey, although you can find these symbols in her paintings, rather Saturley renders symbolic narratives on the canvas influenced by her travels, photography and writing. Her work walks the line of highbrow British afternoon tea, with hints of Canadian humour.

“I don’t paint landscapes, portraits or still-life, I am telling stories using iconic figures, landscapes, and compositions. I am an explorer, and I am currently exploring the Canadian consciousness.”

Symbolic Paintings inspired by Canada. Here you will find a small group of original paintings created by award-winning Canadian Visual Artist Brandy Saturley. These symbolic paintings rendered using the finest acrylic paints, the world’s most versatile medium. She creates paintings on linen and cotton canvas, on paper, wood panel, wood veneer and even rubber hockey pucks. Her obsession with mastering acrylics and the figurative painting keeps propelling her work in new directions.

Saturley creates original fine art and commissioned artworks. Art licensing and financing options are also available. 

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