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Dog Portraits, cat portraits, horse portraits, landscape paintings and much more by Ontario artist Chrissy Schram.

Chrissy does commissioned art of your dogs, cats and horses to paint lasting memories of your favourite animal. She works in pencil, mixed media, and acrylic paint.

Chrissy went to Central Technical in Toronto for arts and music then to OCAD for graphic design where she earned her editorial print degree. 

She joined the Canadian Army  2007 2013, and was part of the Royal Canadian Dragoons Armored Core 42C D Sqn as a 2IC gunner.

Chrissy is now a full time mom of two! An eight year old girl and three year old boy.

She is the creator of whatwhenwhowherewhy and Chrissy Schram design freelance artist/painter/designer/illustrator. As well, she works in cartooning and comic books.