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I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and have lived in Edmonton since 1971. 

I have always been artistic and creative.  These talents plus being a visual person led me to a very exciting career in fashion.  I have found fashion and art are synonymous with each other and the same principles of design are exhibited in both.  This has made the transfer of my skills into art a natural progression.

After discovering the Inner Artist in me I have been involved in Drawing, Design and Watercolour Painting Courses and Workshops at the University of Alberta plus from well -known artists.  I have been very active in watercolour painting and recently have added acrylic painting.  I became a Profession Artist in 2010 opening my own Company “My Authenticity”.

I enjoy painting landscapes and cityscapes.  I have had many Solo Art Shows and have exhibited with Group shows as well,  I have been published in the “Wildlife Advocate Magazine”.   Five of my paintings were chosen and published and sold.

I am an Associate Member of the Society of Western Canadian Artists for the past 10 years and was President for 2 ½ years.  I have been juried and have 5 paintings in our new book “Edmonton Through the Eyes of Its Artists in Edmonton.”

Recently I have been looking for new ways to explore my expression of reflections in watercolour.  I wanted something more unique and exciting to me and my viewer, I loved the hustle and bustle of Cityscapes but I wanted more than just buildings.

Then I discovered the distorted window reflections on downtown buildings and I was filled with a burning desire to explore the possibilities of creating this state of the art reflective image of buildings. This idea and concept filled my inner passion as I proceeded on this new and exciting adventure into my interpretation of this subject.

I spent many bright and sunny Sundays downtown with my camera chasing these incredible reflections that  I had discovered on my journey into my imagination,  My photography became very creative and I could not believe the shots I was lucky enough to capture.  I was fascinated by the challenging distortions of the reflections.  It was like a jigsaw puzzle that was finally solved when all the pieces of the distorted images fit together as a reflection of another building. This magical portrayal created a harmony of mood that proved the entertaining viewpoint for my audience.

My painting nourishes my soul and this is my moment of passion and fulfillment that I give to you.  My Visual Voice – the Magic in my Life.