Diane M Anderson

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My bronze sculptures and paintings are my way to tell stories. If they bring to you a fond memory of a time, place or experience then I have done my job well.

I love that I get to create personal experiences for you the viewer. That’s what art is truly about.

I am an Alberta girl at heart but with a number of years in Saskatchewan in a farming community I feel like that gave me lots of experiences to draw from.

Now farming in Alberta, I continue to rely on the rural lifestyle for my subject matter.

I have also been honored to create many commissioned sculptures for monuments and personal collections that encompass a wide variety of subject matter.

If you have an idea for a sculpture in your home or yard lets make it happen! Bronzes are also a great way to memorialize a loved one or event.

It would be an honor to talk with you about a design.

Simply put…………..I love what I do!