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Don Sibley is one of those people that has been painting and drawing all of his life. His paintings are representational of his deep reflections on life and his artistic abilities. This is an accumulation of years of experience with colour and design as the foundation of his work. Working as a freelancer with the advertising industry during the 80’s, Don prospered in advertising agencies and design shops in the Greater Toronto Area. During that time he producing illustrations, CD covers, Point of Purchase ads, pocket folders plus full colour magazine and newspaper advertising.

An art major all through high school, Don graduated from Sheridan College, Oakville Ontario Canada with a diploma in Technical Illustration and Design. Since that time he has continued to grow and mature as an artist exploring the mediums of oils, acrylics and watercolour. Although much of his time is spent producing Sibley Home Portraits, he still manages to paint for enjoyment landscapes and abstracts