Ed Eaton

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Ed was born in York, England in the late Sixties. As a child, he loved drawing & making stuff and was fascinated by anything mechanical. He harbored dreams of one day becoming a racing driver or working on a garbage truck.

Instead, he spent four years at art school, then washed dishes and cleaned hospitals for a living.

Following this, he worked as a model maker for film & TV before going on to become an award winning, Swiss trained watchmaker; working at the Royal Crown Jewelers in London, England restoring antique wrist & pocket watches.

Ed was working towards a life of quiet introspection in Switzerland, restoring & assembling high end watches.

Instead, a move to Canada in 1999 ended all that.

Ed had to abandon watchmaking, learn how to use a computer and forged a new career making photo-realistic images & movies of yet to be built architectural models & interiors. In his spare time, he uses the same technology to produce weird pictures and has been working in this medium for over a decade. He also works with mixed media, abstract metalwork & jewelry.

In the Summer of 2012, Ed moved on from Digital Art to concentrate solely on his mixed media, jewelry & sculpture production. He enjoys picking up old items at his local Thrift Store, or finding pieces of rusty metal in the road, and using these to start a new piece of sculpture, jewelry, or scanning them into the computer to create digital images.

A quiet man, Ed enjoys spending time with his family, music, movies, beer and tinkering in his workshop.

He also feels very lucky to be living & working in the Okanagan – a very beautiful area of Canada.