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I have lived in Calgary Alberta for most of my life.. I did have a few short times away at college where I studied commercial art at Northwestern College in St. Paul MN.  I also lived in Canmore for a couple of years after graduating college.  I started my art career in the 1980’s and worked mainly with oil painting on canvas.. at this time my work was displayed in many galleries across the prairies and I had a few pictures in lithographic print..  Unfortunately I had to put my brushes away in the 1990’s as marriage, a career and children took up most of my time.. now I have some extra time on my hands and my children decided that I need to get back into working on my art.. I restarted painting again at the end of 2019 and have been working mainly with watercolors.. the last 8 months have been a definite journey as I have been trying to redefine my art style and relearn to paint again.. I can see the growth, style and skill changing with each painting I do.. I am featuring on here some of the old paintings and some of the new.. I have definitely become more whimsical as I age.. The thing I love to portray the most is beauty, depth, color and lines.. some of my art is more graphical and some is softer and hopefully lets the viewer see the magic of life..