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BIOGRAPHY for Gene Prokop – Artist and Instructor / Director Following post-secondary schooling, my greatest push in development or inspiration was seeing the works from the Russian Hermitage collection. They inspired me. The skill of the artist’s brushstrokes, the bold layers of paint and the well-orchestrated compositions were prolific. Viewing a Repin painting, one could feel the blood run through the figure in the painting, which led me to sit for hours and marvel at the talent of the artist. For four summers, six weeks at a time, I studied many of the Master’s paintings in Europe and Scandinavia.


• Alberta College of Art, B.F.A

• University of Alberta, B.Ed.

• University of Arizona

• Workshops: Richard Schmid, Dan Gerhartz, Robert Johnson, Zhouming Wu, Gregg Kreutz, Susan Lyons, Sherrie McGraw

Works shown in:

• Paris, France

• Buenos Aires, Argentina

• San Diego, U.S.A.

• Carmel, U.S.A.

• Ottawa, Canada

• Edmonton, Canada